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Courts, regulators and government agencies often appoint independent integrity or compliance monitors to oversee the remediation of criminal, regulatory and compliance deficiencies at organizations that have been investigated or prosecuted. While monitorships have been predominantly a tool of the U.S. federal and state regulators, they are being adopted increasingly in jurisdictions globally. 

Kroll professionals serve as independent monitors and provide multidisciplinary professional services in support of monitors. Our monitoring teams bring together local knowledge; industry understanding; expertise in financial accounting, enterprise risk management, compliance, internal audit and related disciplines; and experience working with criminal, regulatory and competition authorities worldwide. Our professionals have been involved in many of the most consequential, high-profile monitorships of the past 20 years.

Our experts ensure efficient implementation of remedies under the Department of Justice, Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Trade Commission, European Commission or other governmental oversight. Our targeted reviews and independent testing provide assurance that criminal, regulatory or compliance deficiencies are addressed without unduly disrupting the monitored business.

A Trusted Bridge

Our risk-based approach to monitorships and our experience working with regulators globally enable us to effectively meet the government’s expectations without incurring unnecessary expense for the monitored entity. Kroll acts as the bridge between regulators and the monitored entity. We ensure businesses understand the actions required to satisfy the terms of their settlement and provide visibility and clarity for regulators on the company’s progress in meeting its obligations.

Kroll’s multidisciplinary monitoring team includes former regulators, lawyers, prosecutors, compliance professionals, forensic accountants, investigators, financial professionals, research and data analysts and IT experts. We also draw on our Financial Crime Compliance, Data Analytics and Forensic Accounting practices in our monitoring engagements.

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Richard Faughnan
Richard T. Faughnan
Managing Director
Forensic Investigations and Intelligence
New York
Norman Harrison
Norman Harrison
Managing Director, Testifying Expert
Expert Services
Washington D.C.
Zoe Newman
Zoë Newman
Regional Managing Director, EMEA and Global Co-Head of the Financial Investigations Practice
Forensic Investigations and Intelligence
Tadashi Kageyama
Tadashi Kageyama
Regional Managing Director, Asia-Pacific
Forensic Investigations and Intelligence
Louis David Magnien
Louis-David Magnien
Regional Managing Director, EMEA and Head of Forensic Investigations and Intelligence Paris and Zurich
Forensic Investigations and Intelligence
Fernanda Barroso
Fernanda Barroso
LATAM Management Committee Chair
Forensic Investigations and Intelligence
Sao Paulo
Richard Plansky
Richard M. Plansky
Regional Managing Director, North America
Forensic Investigations and Intelligence
New York

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Forensic Investigations and Intelligence

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