Information and IP Risk

Kroll’s global team of experts helps organizations safeguard their information and IP and mitigate risk.
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Kroll’s global network of professionals helps organizations of all types safeguard their most important asset—their information and intellectual property (IP).

Our teams combine extensive investigatory capability, cyber expertise, and industry knowledge to identify the sources of information leaks, penetrate counterfeit and gray-market operations, track IP infringement and respond to data breaches, and address vulnerabilities to help prevent future instances of information and IP theft.

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Risk Analytics Monitor

Proactively detect fraud and corruption with Kroll’s risk, investigations and data analytics experts, supported by an award-winning software.

Leak of Information Investigations

Helping clients identify the source of a leak so they can respond appropriately.

Misinformation Investigations

Helping clients deal with risks in the digital domain – fake news, misinformation and responding in a crisis.

Illicit Trade Investigations

Helping clients combat counterfeit goods, gray market sales and unfair competition from untaxed imports.

IP Investigations

Helping clients prevent and respond to IP theft and patent infringement.