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Kroll’s market leading team of experts support clients across the casino and gambling sector to help them manage risk and address their most complex challenges. We serve as trusted advisors to brick-and-mortar and online operators and their regulators in developed and emerging markets across Asia, North America, Europe and Latin America.
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Drawing on decades of industry experience within some of the world’s top casino and gambling companies and senior experience within regulatory and law enforcement agencies, our international team appreciate the unique environment in which casinos and gambling companies operate. We provide informed advice to maximize performance and protect revenue whilst maintaining the highest standard compliance and harm minimization programs.

Our cross-functional team of experts and advisors bring skills in compliance, intelligence, investigations, cyber and physical security, valuations and restructuring to provide holistic support throughout the business lifecycle.

We Support Clients Across

  • AML/CFT compliance and risk management
  • Transnational & organized crime risk 
  • Casino operations
  • Gaming regulation and enforcement
  • Forensic audits & investigations
  • VIP and junket program risk management
  • Competitor Intelligence


  • Culture & ethics
  • Governance, risk & compliance
  • Licensing and probity due diligence 
  • Responsible gaming & harm minimization
  • Executive training
  • Enhanced customer due diligence
  • Industry risk & market entry



Our Experience

Independent Casino Monitorship

Kroll is increasingly recognized in Asia Pacific and around the world as a trusted independent advisor for both regulators and regulated entities to provide expert oversight of AML/CF T, financial crime and responsible gambling remediation programs.

In Australia, Kroll has been appointed by regulators as the independent monitor for two large casinos.

As the independent monitor, Kroll oversees and monitors the significant remediation program being implemented by the casinos across their AML/CFT and gambling harm minimization programs, and also supports the regulators in improving their effectiveness as the supervisor of the casino and gaming industries. 

Customer Risk Assessments and Due Diligence

Kroll is regularly engaged by leading online gambling companies to support with the design and implementation of customer risk assessments, to identify reputational or other risks pertaining to customers and to assess the source of funds and source of wealth of VIP and high turnover customers from both a financial crime and community harm standpoint.  

Licensee Assessment

Kroll was retained to assist a European Gaming Sector regulator in assessing the suitability of an entity as a licensee. Kroll conducted an investigation into the company to analyze the flow of money through and between the company’s customers and their linked accounts; its funding base more generally; and the viability of its stated business model. 

Regulatory Risk Assessments

Kroll conducted market analysis of the extent of online gambling sector activity by European regulated companies in so-called ‘grey markets’; the direction of legislation and enforcement activity by local authorities against operators engaged in this activity; and the likely impact of such activity on perception of these operators’ business in their home market. 

Online Gambling

Following concerns that a joint-venture agreement with a low-profile Hong Kong and Philippines-based online gambling operator would impact a key license, a North American online gambling company engaged Kroll to conduct a comprehensive, multi-month assessment of the operator’s ownership and affiliations with organized crime. The assessment used a combination of multi-language investigative research, on-ground inquiries, and remote inquiries among global gambling industry and official sources to identify previously unidentified stakeholders.  

Competitor Intelligence in Offshore Jurisdictions

Kroll was retained by a large online gambling company to develop strategic intelligence on its main competitors across multiple offshore jurisdictions. The research addressed allegations of intellectual property theft, identified potential coordination between competitors, demonstrated ownership of several of the groups despite opaque offshore structures, and clarified exposure to sanctioned jurisdictions. 

Organized Crime Infiltration

A U.S. gaming equipment manufacturer hired Kroll to investigate an international partner after allegations surfaced regarding the individual’s improper business activities and ties to organized crime. Kroll’s investigation spanned three continents and developed evidence of material misstatements and omissions that led to a successful outcome for the client. 

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