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Malware. Ransomware. Social engineering schemes. Brute force attacks. Man-in-the-middle traps.

Your organization’s data and networks are under siege by cyber criminals. As a security-conscious organization, you continually try to protect against the many threats and vulnerabilities facing your cyber assets. How confident are you that your protective measures are effective against current and emerging cyberattacks?

The way cyber professionals recommend to gauge the effectiveness of your cyber defenses – your equipment, protocols, and people – is to test your security. As Rob Joyce, head of the National Security Agency’s Tailored Access Operations (the U.S. government’s top hacking team) noted during a conference earlier in the year, "Don’t assume a crack is too small to be noticed, or too small to be exploited. If you do a penetration test of your network and 97 things pass the test but three esoteric things fail, don’t think they don’t matter."(NSA Hacker Chief Explains How to Keep Him Out of Your System)

Kroll offers sophisticated penetration testing solutions that help you safely replicate the potential actions of a malicious attacker. We can look at your organization’s systems and protocols holistically, from the viewpoint of both an attacker, and a responder. Our findings can help give your organization a more accurate understanding of its cyber security weaknesses, thereby enabling you to identify and fortify vulnerable areas.

Our penetration testing team assesses your company’s information security through simulated attacks on your organization. Using real-world hacker techniques, we identify gaps in your existing security. Common targets include the internet perimeter, internal and external network infrastructure, websites, databases, applications, and even your organization’s employees.

At the conclusion of our penetration testing services, we provide substantive evidence of vulnerabilities and recommendations for effective countermeasures to reduce your risk. This allows your company to take action before a cyber intruder can compromise your system and steal sensitive and valuable data.

Our approach

Kroll’s penetration testing services include the following phases:

  1. Project Initiation: During the project initiation stage, Kroll’s team of experts works with your team to develop objectives and goals, and communicate our understanding of the scope of engagement.
  2. Information & Intelligence Gathering: Throughout the information and intelligence-gathering phase, Kroll collects data about your company and employees using reconnaissance techniques to identify potential attacking points. Our extensive review includes examining public websites, social media, domain registries, and metadata.
  3. Threat Modeling Exercise: A threat modeling exercise – which looks at both internal assets and external threats – identifies targets of interest to attackers. This phase is a comprehensive technical risk assessment for applications, allowing your company to identify potential security threats and develop mitigation strategies for these vulnerabilities.
  4. Attack Execution: During the attack execution stage, we attempt to gain access to your company’s environment using methods employed by real-life adversaries. The attack targets your IT infrastructure, websites, applications, and employees to identify potential vulnerabilities that could enable bad actors to gain internal access to your systems.
  5. Reporting & Consultancy: Finally, the reporting and consultancy phase summarizes our actions and describes weaknesses that were found as well as what strong security controls are in place. We provide analysis and conclusions to help your business understand the methods attackers use and how you can be better prepared for future attacks.

Companies worldwide trust Kroll to conduct robust penetration testing that delivers valuable insight into the state of their cyber defenses as well as practical, sensible solutions for strengthening information security. Drawing on our extensive experience investigating a myriad of types and sizes of data breaches, we are able to simulate the real-world techniques used by attackers. Our customized approach means that testing focuses on your company’s high-risk assets and the risk profile of your organization. Ultimately, our goal is to identify and prioritize your organization’s risks and work together to build a manageable plan to strengthen your security defenses.

Why Kroll

  • Named the Best Cyber Security Consultancy by the National Law Journal in 2016, Kroll has assembled an exceptional team with a proven track record in penetration testing services.
  • Senior team members have each spent decades working in cyber security, and our award-winning penetration testers are certified to some of the highest global industry standards, including CHECK, CREST (CCT/CRT), and SANS (GIAC).
  • Our penetration testing team members have diverse backgrounds in information technology and application development, with significant hands-on experience in the investigation and remediation of cyber-related threats and incidents.
  • This vantage point enables each of them to anticipate evolving and emerging cyber threats for our clients, across various industries or diverse geographic regions of their operations.
  • Criminal organizations are constantly evolving their hacking capabilities and using sophisticated teams to gain access to corporate systems.
  • Brief analysis that will help you focus attention in the right places.

To help ensure your current cyber defenses are effectively protecting your company’s data and networks, we invite you to learn more about Kroll’s penetration testing services today by contacting us at or call us at the phone numbers below.

Industry Accreditation
CREST has accredited Kroll as a global Penetration Testing provider


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