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Kroll’s certified pen testers find vulnerabilities in your APIs that scanners simply can’t identify. Protect your business and keep sensitive data secure by leveraging our knowledge and experience in testing modern API infrastructures.
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API Penetration Testing: Why Should You Care?

APIs are ubiquitous across modern application environments, making them an enticing target for bad actors looking to compromise other systems or pivot within your networks. A focused API penetration testing program looks for vulnerabilities in how your APIs are designed, implemented and configured to prevent attackers from using APIs as an access point to get a foothold in your organization.


How Much Risk Can APIs Expose You To?

APIs regularly handle a large volume of sensitive data, such as payment card industry (PCI) and personal identifiable information (PII) and are also an access point further into your environment. Untested APIs can leave the door wide open for unauthorized access and data exfiltration — data scraping is one example of how attackers can gain access, unnoticed, to sensitive data. It is essential for APIs to be tested regularly to catch these issues before your business is exposed.


Common Vulnerabilities API Pen Testing Can Detect

  • Insufficient Security Configuration
  • Authentication and Authorization Challenges
  • HTTP Header Injection
  • Input Validation Errors
  • Insufficient Logging

Pulling Back the Curtain: API Pen Testing Tools and Expert Insight

Kroll regularly works with large enterprise organizations in highly regulated industries to structure, manage and execute API penetration testing programs. 

We have developed a granular approach that goes beyond what scanners and testing tools can uncover on their own. We provide both coverage and depth, looking at not just what is happening on the front end, but using expert inference to deduce what is going on in the back end as well.

As added value, our program managers and technical leads keep your project on track and focused on the areas of most risk and of most importance to your overall business.

What Our Team Brings to the Table


Our 6-Phase API Pen Testing Process

Web Application Penetration Testing Services


Looking for Other Penetration Testing Services?


  • Network Penetration Testing
  • IoT and Hardware Device Penetration Testing
  • Container Security

Agile Pen Testing: A New Paradigm for Application Security

Agile pen testing, or continuous pen testing, is a method for integrating regular testing into your software development lifecycle (SDLC), rather than testing at infrequent points in time.

Whereas, traditional pen testing impacts product release cycles, Agile pen testing works with your release schedule to ensure that new features are secure and don’t translate into risk for your customers.

Learn More About Kroll’s Approach to Agile Pen Testing


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Offensive Security

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