Environmental, Social and Governance Advisory Services (ESG)

Advisory and technology solutions, including policies and procedures, screening and due diligence, disclosures and reporting, investigations, value creation, and monitoring.
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We harness our team’s global subject matter expertise and technology solutions to help clients address ESG challenges and create sustainable value and growth.

ESG criteria, regulation and investing across all industries are evolving rapidly to underscore a more sustainable and equitable future for all. As part of this, companies are actively aligning their purpose, strategies and practices to improve the environment, promote social good and create long-term value. Stakeholders including investors, employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, asset managers and legal professionals are taking greater interest in companies’ ESG approach, track record and credentials to inform their engagement decisions.

Kroll provides an extensive range of advisory support and technology solutions to assist clients to achieve their ESG goals and navigate the changing landscape. Companies engage us throughout various stages of their business lifecycle and ESG journey, leveraging our diverse team’s extensive global experience and insights in governance and risk to:

  • Improve environmental and social outcomes
  • Embed ESG across governance and areas of business
  • Comply with regulation and disclosure reporting
  • Develop ESG policies
  • Align goals to standards and frameworks
  • Reduce risk
  • Deliver sustainable value and growth

How Kroll Can Help

Our comprehensive ESG advisory and technology services include:

Policies and Procedures

  • Translating purpose, criteria and the investment strategy into policies and procedures
  • Design of policies and procedures that align to the ESG investment strategy, comply with ESG regulations and adhere to ESG frameworks
  • Ongoing advice, support and technology to comply with evolving ESG regulations
  • Develop ESG Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Screening and High-Level Due Diligence

  • Cost-effective screening procedures (negative, positive, and thematic) to highlight red flags with prospective acquisitions, customers, and suppliers
  • Collating basic ESG-related data on portfolios/divisions and investment companies
  • Developing ESG due diligence questionnaires

In-Depth Due Diligence

  • In-depth ESG due diligence in accordance with the major ESG frameworks - we utilize the World Economic Forum’s Stakeholders Capitalism metrics, industry-specific tailoring utilizing Sustainability Accounting Standards Board standards and measurement principles from the Value Balancing Alliance
  • ESG-related due diligence reviews of potential targets or investment companies
  • Reviews of ESG disclosures in preparation for sell-side due diligence

Deep-Dive Investigations

  • Supply chain risk assessments
  • Human rights violation reviews
  • Culture audits
  • Integrity and reputational due diligence
  • Carbon audits

Value Creation Opportunities

  • Identifying ESG-related value drivers that are built into your value creation agenda
  • Strategies and plans for delivering value creation
  • Monitoring against value creation strategy

On-Going Monitoring and Reporting

  • Proactive, automated monitoring of portfolios/divisions utilizing cloud-based technology for easy access and digestion of key ESG metrics
  • Early warning alerts using sentiment analysis
  • Peer and industry benchmarking
  • Cyber security and incident response
  • Investor-grade ESG disclosures
  • Monitoring KPIs

Real Estate Advisory

  • Support to identify actions for assessing the ESG performance of real estate investments
  • Support in the management, development and ongoing assessment of real estate funds and single assets to enhance ESG qualities of buildings and their management

Expert Services

  • Support for ESG disputes including collating data and evidence, working with lawyers and funders throughout the case, determining causation, analysing data or assessing damages, and acting as expert witnesses
  • ESG advice and insights across the lifecycle of capital projects and assets including defining ESG objectives for business strategies and projects, integrating ESG assurance into projects, assessing organizational ESG performance, developing ESG investment strategies, ESG benefit realisation, and developing internal capability

At Kroll, we believe ESG and good citizenship means protecting our environment, empowering our people to make positive change, promoting inclusivity and diversity, and operating with transparency and good governance. To find out more about our ESG and corporate responsibility practices click here.

ESG Materiality Assessment

ESG Materiality Assessment - Materiality Assessment Explained

Our ESG materiality assessments help organizations identify important sustainability impacts, risks and opportunities, serving as a foundation for stakeholder engagement, transparency and long-term success by prioritizing ESG factors with the most impact on their business.

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Portfolios With Better MSCI ESG Ratings Earned Higher Average Returns Globally - Download ESG and Global Investor Returns Study

ESG and Global Investor Returns Study

Kroll examined the relationship between historical returns of over 13,000 publicly traded companies across a variety of geographies and industries and their ESG ratings to determine the correlation of ESG ratings to company performance.

Download the Study

2023 Fraud and Financial Crime Report

2023 Fraud and Financial Crime Report

Kroll analyzed global data from 400 senior leaders across three continents to gain insights into the current financial crime landscape and learn how technology might stop the threat of economic, crypto and ESG crimes.

Key findings from the report include:

  • 69% of global respondents expect financial crime risks to increase over the next 12 months.
  • 61% of respondents agree that ESG factors should be a consideration for all businesses and part of every financial crime compliance program.
  • Less than half of respondents are confident in calculating greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Almost two-thirds of respondents are concerned about ESG as it relates to their supply chains.

Download the Report


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