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Kroll is the leading global provider of crypto compliance, risk, and investigative services. Since the introduction of the first virtual asset in 2009, Kroll has worked side-by-side with crypto companies, investors, and law enforcement to help them meet their most critical challenges.
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Decoding Crypto Risks and Portfolio Assessment
Discover how Kroll, armed with discretion and expertise, unveils the secrets of a global investment company’s risk exposure. Navigating the dynamic crypto landscape, our experts conducted covert investigations to extract actionable intelligence.

Since the inception of the first virtual asset in 2009, Kroll has worked side by side with crypto companies, fund managers, investors and law enforcement to navigate their most critical challenges. Our industry knowledge, technical capabilities and analytical skills position us to have a uniquely broad and deep engagement with the crypto ecosphere, both on and off the blockchain.

Kroll’s advantage lies in our careful analysis of the blockchain, our experience in presenting evidence to courts and the diverse skills of our experts. Our team is comprised not only of crypto practitioners but also of open-source specialist investigators, computer forensic experts, intelligence analysts, regulatory and compliance specialists, insolvency practitioners, forensic accountants, former prosecutors and valuation and operational due diligence experts.

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Forensic Investigations and Intelligence for Digital Assets

Spearheading the Future of Forensic Investigations

Kroll has led complex investigations in relation to advanced typologies that are associated with leading-edge threat vectors in the crypto space.

While technology evolves, the core principles of forensic investigation remain true. We hold financial information from the blockchain to the same level of scrutiny as public databases and corporate records. While the type of evidence is nuanced, we identify, analyze, quantify and interpret it for our clients.

We believe innovation is best paired with traditional investigation and look beyond the blockchain, drawing on multiple disciplines within our organization to gather intelligence. Our experts engage with the blockchain directly and use other data sources and techniques to identify services and users and to trace the movement of assets, delivering clear results to our clients.

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Cybersecurity for Digital Assets

Protecting Your Digital Assets from Cyber Threats

Our cybersecurity experts traced roughly $200 million of assets as part of the largest cryptocurrency fraud in Canadian history.

When we’re conducting cybersecurity operations for digital assets, we work proactively or reactively. In reactive cases, such as theft or crisis situations, we move quickly, unlocking rich investigative expertise across Kroll experts. We then remediate and take clients back to a secure standpoint, where they’re able to continue business-as-usual operations.

We also help clients be proactive in implementing the right controls to keep their organizations compliant and safe. For clients with an existing presence in crypto, we often test the limits of their cybersecurity defences. Determining where vulnerabilities lie allows us to establish the best means of protection.

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Financial Services Compliance and Regulation for Digital Assets

Navigating the Evolving Regulatory Landscape of Crypto

Our experts have helped numerous clients, including crypto exchanges with a combined market capitalization of over $53 billion to overcome regulatory challenges.

Whether keeping up with emerging rules and regulations across the world; developing robust governance, risk and compliance frameworks; implementing effective AML, sanctions and market surveillance programs and preparing for compliance with incoming digital assets regulations, Kroll’s industry-leading team works with firms across the lifecycle of their business.

For those looking to be authorized or regulated, we help ensure that businesses have the adequate arrangements and documentation in place to meet regulatory expectations. We also have significant experience supporting firms through remediation and regulatory scrutiny, having successfully undertaken numerous skilled-person reports and other regulator-commissioned reviews.

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Managing complex, global restructurings for crypto businesses

Managing Complex, Global Restructurings for Crypto Businesses

Our restructuring experts have been engaged in numerous high-profile crypto restructurings, insolvencies and investigations worldwide.

Crypto restructurings and insolvencies, given the volatile and evolving nature of the industry, are highly complex. Organizations need a partner with a commercial understanding of the crypto investor and creditor mindset; a technical understanding of blockchain-based technologies such as custody, staking, forking and airdrops; and a legal understanding of the protections and flexibility afforded by the respective regulatory regimes to address emerging crypto-specific issues.

Kroll has developed in-house capabilities related to the technical aspects of blockchain tracing, investigation and analysis by leveraging its base of subject matter experts in all the leading global crypto hubs, including Singapore, Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands.

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Compliance, Risk and Diligence for Digital Assets

Scrutinizing a New Asset Class

Our Compliance, Risk and Diligence experts have covered hundreds of assets: over $150 billion in market capitalization.

Cryptocurrency compliance, risk and diligence is a rapidly developing practice. Our experts provide a range of technical services and apply bespoke techniques that mirror anti-money laundering investigations to conduct financial crime review on digital assets. We look at all aspects involved in creating assets—including founders, subjects, ownership and entities—to establish a deep understanding and connect our findings to the crypto industry.

We create tailored risk profiles around digital assets and enable clients to make informed, business-critical decisions. While some exchanges and custodians do this internally, we offer the ability to augment teams, improving accuracy during times of intense pressure.

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Data Insights and Forensics for Digital Assets

Establishing Facts on the Blockchain

In 2022, we explored repatriating more than $100 million to their rightful owners.

Kroll’s Data Insights and Forensics team comprises historical experts in situational risk, and we approach cryptocurrency with the same attention as all other risk types. Our technological innovation coupled with our traditional investigative work is why we are the preferred partner to many crypto companies, traditional financial institutions, government and tax authorities.

As we move toward Web3, we will see a reduction in the need for traditional banking infrastructure. Kroll can provide comprehensive support and targeted defense in a shifting financial landscape, securing the metaverse for people, entities and assets. 

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Operational Due Diligence for Digital Asset Investments

Understanding Operational Risks in Digital Asset Investments

Kroll’s team applies a multidimensional risk framework for assessing the diverse operational risks that can materialize in relation to digital asset businesses.

Kroll’s Digital Asset Operational Due Diligence (ODD) experts have conducted reviews on hundreds of digital asset funds and fund managers. We have also been retained to conduct ODD reviews of digital asset custodians, administrators and fund counterparties.

It is critical for institutional investors to conduct a thorough analysis of a digital asset fund and the fund’s manager prior to investment. Kroll’s team has helped institutions from around the globe identify regulatory, operational, counterparty, technology, compliance, governance and operational risks prior to investment.

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Valuation for Digital Assets

Discovering the Value of Crypto

Kroll’s team has worked on several advanced valuation frameworks in relation to crypto or digital asset technology, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), custodians and metaverse real-estate.

Kroll has been at the forefront of valuation expertise in emerging markets from the dawn of the internet to the emergence of biotechnologies and now to cryptocurrency.

We conduct valuations around complex assets using the theories and techniques that apply to other early-stage investments. Our multidisciplinary valuation and damages analysis teams have the expertise and sophisticated valuation models required to fulfill even the most complex financial reporting, tax requirements and disputes. We provide independent analysis and expert witness testimony on the world’s largest and most complex cases.

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Cryptocurrency Compliance, Risk and Investigation Services

Investigating $150 Billion Worth of Digital Assets in the Face of Ever-Evolving Regulatory Changes

Investigating $150 Billion Worth of Digital Assets in the Face of Ever-Evolving Regulatory Changes

Discover how Kroll’s cryptocurrency experts helped our client proactively review large digital assets, allowing them to meet shifting regulatory demands and pivot to market changes with confidence.

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AML Fraud and Financial Crime

Developing an Advanced PEP Monitoring and Screening Framework

Discover how Kroll helped their client remedy its situation through system optimization, framework development, regulatory advice, and the review of various automated screening alerts.

Why High-Quality Data is Crucial to Fighting Financial Crime

Why High-Quality Data is Crucial to Fighting Financial Crime

AI has proven transformative, particularly in combating financial crime. However, the effectiveness of AI hinges significantly on the quality of the underlying data. Read Kroll’s latest article to learn why high-quality, well-structured data is key to harnessing AI’s full potential in the fight against growing financial crime.

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Financial Crime Advisory

Kroll’s global Financial Crime Advisory team is comprised of seasoned compliance, investigative and regulatory professionals to help enterprises around the world defend against the rapid growth of financial crime.

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End-to-end governance, advisory and monitorship solutions to detect, mitigate and remediate security, legal, compliance and regulatory risk.

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World-wide expert services and tech-enabled advisory through all stages of diligence, forensic investigation, litigation, disputes and testimony.

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M&A advisory, restructuring and insolvency, debt advisory, strategic alternatives, transaction diligence and independent financial opinions.

Cyber Risk

Incident response, digital forensics, breach notification, managed detection services, penetration testing, cyber assessments and advisory.

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Our valuation experts provide valuation services for financial reporting, tax, investment and risk management purposes.