Cloud Penetration Testing Services

Kroll’s team of certified cloud pen testers uncover vulnerabilities in your cloud environment and apps before they can be compromised by threat actors.

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Defend Your Cloud Environment with Cloud Pen Testing

Cloud penetration testing is a specific type of security assessment that allows organizations to uncover vulnerabilities in their cloud environment and applications before they can be compromised by threat actors.

Because every cloud environment is different, whether you’re hosting on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, a cloud penetration testing strategy needs to be adaptable and supported by experts that know these platforms and what to look for on each to keep critical assets from being exposed.


Vulnerabilities Cloud Pen Testing Can Detect

  • Misconfigured Accounts, Access Lists and Buckets
  • Weak Authentication Credentials
  • Overly Permissive IAM Roles
  • Publicly Available Credentials


  • Improper Use of Encryption
  • Application Misconfigurations
  • Insufficient Log Management

Pen Testing Made for Your Cloud

Kroll’s cloud security team conducts thousands of hours of assessments across AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform every year. One of our key strengths is our dedication to understanding your unique environment and cloud maturity level to tailor our approach to support your overall cloud strategy. We do not believe in cookie cutter cybersecurity tests and we have the capacity to both manage your testing program from start to finish and to scale with you as needed.

We bring real-world tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) typically deployed by successful criminals to compromise cloud services to identify any weaknesses in your cloud applications or infrastructure, then provide a practical strategy to defend your cloud environment. 

With the growing reliance on the cloud for modern business, cloud penetration testing provides the assurance that the controls you have in place to protect your customers and business are actually working – or provides a guide to how to get there.

What Our Team Brings to the Table


100,000 Hours of Cloud Security Assessments Across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform

Kroll's 20+ years of experience enables our available and scalable team to offer high quality and consistent appsec and pen testing programs across a wide range of cloud environments.


100+ Industry Certifications in Cloud Tools Such as Dome9, Prisma and Scoutsuite

Our team brings the depth and breadth of expertise needed to tackle complex challenges across your cloud and hybrid environments.


3,000+ Incident Response Cases Handled Worldwide Every Year

Kroll's DNA as incident response leader expands our assessments beyond compliance mandates to provide actionable remediation based on frontline threat intelligence.


Industry Leading Experience in:

AWS logo
Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Amazon ECS, EC2, Lambda, S3 and Cognito, IAM
Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Functions, Blob Storage and Azure Active Directory, AKS
Google cloud
Google Kubernetes Engine (GKS)
Kubernetes and Container Security
EKS, ECS, Fargate to AKS and GKE

Our 6-Phase Cloud Pen Testing Process

Our 6-Phase Cloud Pen Testing Process


Looking for Other Penetration Testing Services?


  • Network Penetration Testing
  • IoT and Hardware Device Penetration Testing
  • Container Security

Start Testing Your Cloud Defenses

Get in touch with our team to learn how we can help you build a cloud penetration testing program specific to your organization’s needs.

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