Cannabis Security, Valuation and Risk Management Solutions

We have in-depth knowledge of the cannabis industry so we can anticipate challenges and help clients stay one step ahead with the right solutions.

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Comprehensive security, due diligence and valuations services for the cannabis industry.

Whether you are a cannabis entrepreneur, investor, private equity or hedge fund, or a public or private company we can forecast and evaluate potential risks and identify procedures to avoid or minimize impact. Our experts can also provide independent and objective valuations, fairness opinions, regulatory compliance and litigation support. To deliver the most impactful solutions, we’ve developed a three-pronged risk management framework for cannabis.

Cannabis Security, Valuation and Risk Management Solutions

As the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use expands throughout the U.S., complex business issues in the cannabis industry also increase. Kroll understands the different sectors within the cannabis industry, the challenges that can arise for cannabis companies and potential opportunities for investors. We are ready to guide your organization with our variety of personalized services and expert advice.

Kroll has global consulting experience on matters involving physical security, cyber security, due diligence, regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering, investigations, transaction opinions and valuation as well as litigation support. Ensure your organization is physically protected with our security program development, security systems design and ongoing regulatory compliance. We can also help mitigate cyber security incidents by providing immediate response, cyber risk assessments, penetration testing and tabletop exercises.

Our valuation experts assess the fair market value of cannabis businesses for investors, private equity funds, hedge funds and other industry participants for many purposes including disputes, litigation, portfolio valuation, minority buy-outs and income tax. We have significant cannabis experience for fairness opinions and solvency opinions.

Kroll’s comprehensive services have you covered for all your security, due diligence and valuation needs.


To ensure staff, customers and the community are safe, Kroll conducts staff trainings and develops and implements security programs that align with cannabis licensing and permitting strategies.

Our certified security consultants oversee and assist with security designs involving the development of new facilities, facility upgrades and implementation of security systems to prevent crime. Kroll can also assist with creating “good neighbor programs” to align clients and customers with the community in which they are cited.

In addition to physical security, our cyber security professionals provide immediate assistance with cyber breaches and ongoing support through cyber risk assessments and penetration testing.

Our security services include:

  • Facility security designs for cultivation dispensaries and manufacturing locations
  • Design and implementation of facility security systems
  • Security program development and staff training
  • Compliance program development to ensure facilities meet regulatory standards
  • Master planning
  • Cyber risk assessments
  • Cyber penetration testing
  • Incident response and tabletop exercises
  • Damages assessments related to breach of exclusivity clause regarding a proposed cannabis acquisition


Due Diligence

Kroll partners with organizations to anticipate, detect and respond to a myriad of regulatory and reputational risks. With in-depth knowledge on the cannabis industry, global research capabilities and flexible technology, we help you feel confident in your decision making.

Manage third-party risks by leveraging our due diligence, governance and compliance technology, and respond to potential risks through Kroll’s investigative, remediation and look-back solutions.

Our due diligence and investigation services include:

  • Third-party due diligence
  • Screening and monitoring services
  • Public records and reputational reviews
  • Short-seller and activist shareholder reviews
  • Background checks
  • Forensic accounting investigations
  • Commercial litigation
  • Securing cannabis licensing

Valuation and Related Services

Kroll’s valuation experts specialize in conducting formal valuation and fair market value analyses of cannabis investment portfolios for private equity firms. We have extensive experience in preparing valuations, damage quantification and expert reports for various purposes, including breach of contact matters, shareholder and post-acquisition disputes and portfolio valuation and other financial reporting purposes. We are the industry leader in rendering transaction opinions.

Representative engagements:

  • Acted as expert witness for defendant accused of misrepresenting value of earnings
  • Advised board of directors of regional pharmaceutical enterprise in internal investigation of wrongdoing by cannabis division

Our valuation and related services include:

  • Valuations for many purposes ranging from disputes, to investments to financial reporting
  • Transaction opinions (fairness opinions, solvency opinions, formal valuations) including for transactions involving non-arm’s-length parties and business interests
  • Purchase price allocations and other valuations for financial reporting, such as Fair Value Range mark-to-market assessments
  • Expert opinions and expert testimony as well as third party neutral services


Talk to a Kroll Expert

Kroll is ready to help, 24/7. Use the links on this page to explore our services further or speak to a Kroll cannabis expert today via our contact page.

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