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Industry leader providing U.S. state agencies with data-driven compliance and recovery solutions through proprietary technology.
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Kroll’s Government Solutions practice is a recognized leader in providing a range of data-driven regulatory compliance services to U.S. state-agencies, including conducting unclaimed property examinations and performing complex data analytics services. We utilize our proprietary data analytics platform and experienced team of data scientists and subject matter experts to solve critical questions facing state agencies related to compliance, risk and transparency.

We Support States with Three Core Capabilities

Advanced Technology

Big data technologies for analyzing and processing massive amounts of data

Legal Expertise

Ability to navigate complex legal and regulatory issues and draft and negotiate collaborative agreements

Forensic Skills

Ability to analyze, quantify and verify large scale operational, financial and administrative data and information in connection with complex investigations in a variety of areas including fraud detection, compliance issues, financial irregularities and payment obligations

Data Analytics Solutions

Using proprietary algorithms, data analytics, and “entity resolution” technologies, we help government agencies and others identify and understand big data as it relates to a range of recoverable obligations. Along with our highly secure data infrastructure, we provide state clients and others with extensive big data cleansing, processing, and integration technologies. We have received and securely processed raw data for over 1.5 billion individual customer accounts and transactions. As experts in intake and analysis of such large amounts of data from so many disparate systems, we have become world-class at “data wrangling”— transforming and mapping raw data into a format appropriate for downstream analytics. These capabilities can be applied to any project requiring the review and analysis of large volumes of data to make legal, regulatory, or other determinations at scale.

KGS Jurisdictions

Unclaimed Property Examination Solutions

We provide state agencies with data-driven compliance and recovery solutions. Our core business includes conducting unclaimed property examinations of large companies on behalf of state unclaimed property programs. We currently work with 47 jurisdictions in this area and have assisted in the identification and return of billions of dollars of previously unreported unclaimed funds. We also have extensive experience providing compliance services in other areas, including working with numerous revenue and insurance departments.

Kroll has been conducting data-driven abandoned property audits for 47 jurisdictions for over 15 years. We have assisted in the identification and return of billions of dollars of previously unreported unclaimed funds.

Our compliance and recovery solutions combine data processing and analysis with in-depth forensic investigation and a deep understanding of relevant statutes, regulations, and other applicable legal issues. We also leverage these capabilities to assist state agencies to bring thousands of small to medium-sized businesses into compliance with unclaimed property laws.

Restructuring Administration

End-to-end restructuring administration services provided by unrivaled experts and technology.

Issuer Services

Recognized market leader with unique expertise to deliver global, tech-enabled solutions for liability management transactions, restructurings, and corporate actions of any complexity.

Notice Media Solutions

Market-leading team of media strategists providing customized digital and multimedia legal notice solutions.

Settlement Administration

Kroll is the leader in complex settlement administration providing end-to-end expertise for class actions, mass torts, and regulatory and government administrations.

Agency and Trustee Services

Leading experience in syndicated, bi-lateral and direct lending transactions in the bond and loan markets.