Agency and Trustee Services

Leading provider of conflict free, flexible, and highly efficient agency and trustee services to the global loan and bond markets.
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Kroll Agency and Trustee Services – Recent Expansion and Accomplishments

Kroll provides highly efficient, solutions-driven agency and trustee services to the global loan and bond markets. As a market-leading independent service provider, we specialize in the administration of private credit, syndicated debt, restructurings and capital market transactions.

Leading Agency and Trustee Services

Agency and Trustee Services
US $200 billion assets under management (AUM)
Agency and Trustee Services
850+ live mandates
Agency and Trustee Services
Serving clients on six continents
Agency and Trustee Services
Industry-leading team of 100+ assembled since 2017 inception

Our Solutions

Strong expertise in syndicated, bilateral and direct lending transactions in the loan and bond markets.

Facility Agent

We provide exceptional client service and a proactive approach for the success of a loan transaction. We administer debt facilities, manage interest payment dates and cash flows, facilitate amendments and waivers, and distribute borrower information undertakings.

Security Agent Services

We hold security interests on behalf of creditors in a variety of jurisdictions and asset classes.

Bond and Note Trustee

We provide issuers, arrangers, and investors with highly efficient, flexible, and experienced trustee capabilities. We facilitate discussions between the issuer and holders and administer any amendment or consent request.

Paying Agent, Transfer Agent and Registrar

We provide a suite of agency roles on privately placed instruments offering a one-stop-shop. We make payments of interest and principal and maintain an accurate holder register, facilitating any transfers between investors. We also provide these services on cleared bond/note instruments, subject to clearing systems consent.

Escrow Agent

Supporting M&A or corporate finance activity, we deliver exceptional escrow and paying agent services. Our user-friendly template ensures speed of execution and streamlined costs, tailored to meet demands of unique transactions.

UK Process Agent

Process agency services to support overseas companies entering legal contracts governed by English law who do not have an address in the UK. We take service of documents and notices served for our client regarding legal proceedings and promptly forward to our client.

Market Sectors

Kroll is the trusted provider of agency and trustee services to clients in the following markets:

  • Direct Lending Private Credit
  • Project and Infrastructure Finance
  • Cleared Bonds and Privately Placed Instruments


  • M&A and General Corporate Finance
  • Bilateral and Syndicated Loans
  • Loan and Bond Restructuring

Why Choose Us for Your Agency and Trustee Services Needs

  • Unrivaled Experience and Execution
    With our agile approach, unrivaled expertise and personal attention to each transaction, we are uniquely positioned to support our clients and their changing demands in the loan and bond markets. We turnaround know your customer (KYC), document review and execution within 24 hours, which is a unique advantage to our competitors.
  • Market-leading experience of multi-jurisdictional and cross-border debt restructurings
    We have extensive experience with complex, multi-jurisdictional debt restructurings across all market sectors and we have been at the forefront of the most complex restructuring transactions in recent financial history. Our team of 80+ works proactively from our global platform with all stakeholders to achieve their restructuring goals and meet all transaction deadlines, however compressed they may be.
  • Enforcement
    As a conflict-free, non-lending service provider with experience enforcing security across a wide range of jurisdictions and under various assets, we proactively assist creditors with enforcement strategies to achieve their goals.


  • Quick Decisions and Turnaround Times
    Our commercial and nimble approach, coupled with our expertise allows us to make prompt, pragmatic and educated decisions in response to creditor group requests. Since we are not a lender, we are truly independent and do not have to refer decisions to various internal committees, significantly reducing turnaround times to support accelerated timelines.
  • Unique Collaboration and Tailored Solutions
    Our strong relationships built over many years in the industry allow us to collaborate closely with all market participants, resulting in superior deal execution and reduces overall transaction costs. We recognize our client’s and deal demands change and we have the infrastructure, systems, and personnel in place to support any changing requirements to help parties achieve their goals.

Alan Booth Joins Kroll to Head Agency and Trustee Services Practice

Alan Booth Joins Kroll to Head Agency and Trustee Services Practice

Kroll has appointed renowned capital markets veteran Alan Booth, as Managing Director and Head of its Agency and Trustee Services practice.

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Business Services

Streamline your complex administrative needs with Kroll.

Issuer Services

Recognized market leader with unique expertise to deliver global, tech-enabled solutions for liability management transactions, restructurings, and corporate actions of any complexity.

Restructuring Administration

End-to-end restructuring administration services provided by unrivaled experts and technology.

Settlement Administration

Kroll is the leader in complex settlement administration providing end-to-end expertise for class actions, mass torts, and regulatory and government administrations.

Cyber Risk

Incident response, digital forensics, breach notification, managed detection services, penetration testing, cyber assessments and advisory.

Corporate Finance and Restructuring

M&A advisory, restructuring and insolvency, debt advisory, strategic alternatives, transaction diligence and independent financial opinions.

Government Solutions

Industry leader providing U.S. state agencies with data-driven compliance and recovery solutions through proprietary technology.

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Agency and Trustee Services Deals

Kroll provides leading agency and trustee services with special expertise in syndicated, bilateral and direct lending transactions in the global loan and bond markets.