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The Kroll Financial Instruments and Technology practice is a leading solutions provider for asset managers, hedge funds, fund administrators, banks, insurers, private equity firms, commodity trading and investment firms, and corporations.

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We provide valuation consulting and risk management advisory services across a broad range of structured, illiquid investments and complex assets.

New financial processes, rapidly evolving regulatory environments and increasing adoption of sophisticated quantitative models are transforming the way investors analyze and manage risk, price financial instruments and evaluate business strategies. Kroll’ Financial Instruments and Technology practice is prepared and constantly adapting to an ever-changing market where credit services are anticipated.

At Kroll, we understand that each source of data is unique and critical to our client’s success. Our process is streamlined by integrating automated data processing platforms that are easily adaptable to create reliable, homogenous datasets, regardless of the source. We further leverage technology to automate processes and operate at additional scale through utilization of cloud computing. Adoption of automation tools like Python, VBA, SQL and other proprietary platforms improves our ability to conduct complex stress tests and scenario analyses to bring enhanced visibility into the fast-changing markets of today. The integration of cloud databases provides Financial Instruments and Technology professionals with the flexibility to operate across any engagement’s life cycle with increased efficiency and reduced turnaround times.

Financial Instruments and Technology creates an environment that improves our client’s ability to identify, control, diversify, mitigate and/or exploit risk, to ask deeper questions and deliver more meaningful answers, to bring these capabilities to their investors, and to thrive in today’s market environment.

Ongoing changes to standards are requiring many of our clients to utilize independent valuation and risk management experts who keep abreast of the ever-changing regulatory landscape and can assist with quantitative modelling for the financial valuation and risk reporting required for non-traded, illiquid positions.

Auditors and regulators have required more stringent and transparent fair valuation processes since the financial crisis. Regulatory reporting standards attributable to financial valuations, disclosures and risk reporting processes continue to evolve as do what is deemed to be best practice risk management e.g. AIFMD, IFRS13, CRDIV, CRR, ASC 820, IAS 39, Solvency II, Basel, etc.

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John Schrader
John Schrader
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Financial Instruments and Technology
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