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Recognized market leader with unique expertise to deliver global, tech-enabled solutions for liability management transactions, restructurings, and corporate actions of any complexity.
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Kroll Issuer Services Remained No. 1 Agent

Kroll’s Issuer Services practice offers unique turnkey solutions for a wide range of debt restructuring, corporate actions, and liability management services globally.

Our team helps you stay ahead of your business needs through expert anticipation, innovation and exceptional customer service — allowing you the opportunity to move forward confidently.

Managed 2,500 + deals across all market sectors globally
#1 in Europe for 10 consecutive years
200+ years of combined experience across global team
Authorized and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority in UK

With 200+ years of combined global expertise, we offer end-to-end solutions for all levels of debt capital market transactions complexity. We have unmatched public securities and solicitation expertise and understand the intricacies of handling clearing systems and related information technology requirements involved in communicating the needs of issuers or borrowers to their investors.

We are available around the clock through hubs in EMEA, APAC and the US to offer first-in-class customer service with a proactive point of view. Our powerful insights drive efficient, tech-enabled processes with seamless delivery and efficiency.

Issuer Services Capabilities

Less paperwork. Less back-and-forth. More time for you to move your business forward.

Why Choose Kroll

  • Expertise
    Our unique team of experts has decades of experience in understanding debt capital markets, clearing systems and the related information technology requirements. Our multi-lingual international team offers exceptional customer service and proactive solutions. We understand industry standards and are at the forefront of creating best practices.
  • Technology-Driven Solutions
    Our streamlined systems, processes and data security measures drive accuracy, efficiency and cost savings while providing unlimited scalability.
  • Recognized Market Leader
    We’ve acted in various capacities on many of the largest and most complex financial transactions in the market and are consistently ranked number one in Europe by Bloomberg.

Kroll Issuer Services Limited is registered in England and Wales as private limited company with a number 05098454 and office address: The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street, London, England, SE1 9SG. Kroll Issuer Services Limited is authorized and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority with firm reference number 548041. Kroll Issuer Services Limited - Remuneration Disclosure. Kroll Issuer Services Limited - Pillar 3 Risk Disclosure

Corporate Actions

Kroll Issuer Services has the largest and most experienced team of public securities experts providing clients with strategic, effective and well-communicated corporate actions.

Liability Management Transactions

Kroll’s Issuer Services practice provides a turnkey solution for exchange offers, tender offers, and consent solicitations that fosters a seamless and successful transaction.

Complex Debt Restructuring Services

Kroll’s Issuer Services practice provides high-quality, comprehensive debt restructuring services by proactively managing the implementation of any restructuring or refinancing initiative.

Government Solutions

Industry leader providing U.S. state agencies with data-driven compliance and recovery solutions through proprietary technology.