Our team has decades of experience serving as a neutral claims administrator in product liability class action settlements for matters involving defects, mislabeling and unfair or deceptive trade practices, among others. We have extensive experience working with class counsel, companies, and their general counsel in the successful administration of these matters.

Our goal is to make the class action claims process as smooth as possible. No area of product liability is too complex for our industry-leading team. Our expertise in product liability includes cases involving food and beverage, pet supplies, building materials, technology, medical devices and much more. Clients choose us to ensure transparency in their settlement administration requirements, brand protection needs and stakeholder expectations.

Product Liability Class Action Notice and Administration Services

Given the complexity of consumer and product liability class actions and the high visibility that often comes with these cases, it’s essential to work with an experienced claims administrator to ensure a well-planned and effective administration process. Our class action team offers unparalleled technology and expertise in the administration of consumer and product liability class action settlements.

We are creative problem-solvers. We understand potential challenges such as achieving court approval, combating fraud and safeguarding brand reputation. Our notice media program research is based on the unique needs of each case and our superior multi-channel media plans are rooted in analytics, validated by third parties and highly defensible in court.

We take a proactive approach for each case to solve problems before they arise. As one of the most experienced full-service teams in the industry, we are equipped to handle every aspect of the notice and administration in-house. Learn more about our comprehensive class action administration services.

Contact us for a consultation and learn more about our services for product liability class action settlement administration.

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