Class Action Settlement Administration

Providing exceptional results for all types of class action administrations through our expert team, consultative approach and unrivaled proprietary data security and technology.
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We provide clients with exceptional results for all types of class actions through our expert team, consultative approach and unrivaled proprietary data security and technology.

Our class action settlement administration team is comprised of subject matter experts with decades of experience managing some of the largest and most complex settlements in U.S. history.

Our Services

Pre-settlement Consultation Services

Consulting with our team early in the settlement phase protects counsel, preserves fund assets and streamlines the administration process. Our experts ensure the settlement agreement has the most advantageous structure, from notice plan through tax strategy, eliminating post-settlement filings to the court, reducing costs and minimizing the administration timeline.

We can consult with you on all aspects of the case, including, but not limited to:

  • Establishing processes for data gathering and database design and management
  • Designing an effective notice strategy and multi-channel media campaign as needed
  • Setting notice and claim timelines
  • Developing a case-specific website
  • Handling of class member claims, including all class member inquiries
  • Creating a plan of allocation

Notice Media Campaigns

Our nationally recognized media team provides comprehensive notice media services using high-caliber legal notice solutions that include print, broadcast, digital, mobile and social media channels to ensure maximum outreach and court approval. We actively manage and monitor each media campaign to ensure effectiveness, protect against ad fraud and safeguard brand reputation. Learn more about our class action notice media solutions.

Website and Database Design and Management

We provide website and database design services that support each step of the class action claims administration process. Our proprietary technology platform is managed by our in-house IT experts who develop secure and protected databases, claims administration systems and mobile-responsive websites that meet the criteria and language preferences for each case.

  • Managing data architecture and integration
  • Verifying data integrity and consistency to identify and eliminate errors and false claims
  • Extensive performance, load, stress-testing and tuning for high-volume and high-value class action settlements
  • Designing and supporting complex claims processing

Strategic Communications and Global Contact Center

Our in-house contact center has the capacity to handle thousands of inbound and outbound calling campaigns for our clients, with the resources and expertise to quickly scale to size. We provide around-the-clock, international and multi-lingual capabilities, with the flexibility to manage more than one million IVR minutes and over 50,000 live operator calls per day.

  • Professionally trained live agents to answer case-specific inquiries
  • Multi-lingual options with toll-free telephone numbers, allowing cross-country support
  • An interactive, automated messaging system with 24/7 access for claimants
  • Inbound and outbound email communication

Claims Processing and Analysis

As the cornerstone of the administration process, we take immense pride in our ability to develop custom, innovative solutions for our claim administration programs. Our team has the experience, infrastructure, and capabilities to handle projects of any size or complexity.

Learn more about our real-time administration reporting and transparency capabilities.

Settlement Fund Management and Distribution Services

Our dedicated team verifies the accuracy of award calculations and efficiently distributes the correct amounts to qualifying class members. In addition to traditional disbursement methods for class members we offer a wide range of electronic disbursement methods including PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, digital gift cards and vouchers.

Tax and Treasury Services

Our accounting and tax professionals manage the taxation of qualified settlement funds and fair funds under Internal Revenue Code section 468(B) and have earned a reputation for cost-efficient, accurate support. We provide secure fund management processes and systems in cases involving disbursements to thousands and even millions of people.

We also serve as a settlement fund escrow agent for class actions, working closely with our banking partners to oversee funds and ensure tax compliance for settlement assets. We leverage our longstanding relationships with leading domestic and international financial institutions to offer the most competitive market rates.

Special Master Capabilities

Our experts frequently serve as Special Master, which is a role appointed by the court to oversee portions of the litigation that otherwise cannot be addressed effectively by a judge or jury.

Special Master Services:

  • Claim and document review
  • De Novo appellate review
  • Claimant interviews
  • Final adjudication

Support services to Special Masters:

  • Pre-settlement planning
  • Data management
  • Data security
  • Settlement administration
  • Notice and communications

Our class action team has decades of experience administering class actions of all types and sizes.

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