Regulatory Remediation and Government Claims Administration

Regulatory and government solutions tailored by industry experts with extensive experience meeting and exceeding the expectations of corporations and government agencies.
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We understand the complexities involved with regulatory matters and government enforcement actions. These matters require thoughtful planning and business rule development, dedicated teams trained on custom processes and strict quality control to verify claims and distribute funds to all verified claimants and/or consumers. Compliance with state and federal regulations, agency regulations and court procedural rules is paramount to a successful administration.

Our accomplished team has worked with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB), Attorney General of the State of New York, Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in various matters associated with fair fund and disgorgement fund settlements.

Our Services

We leverage our technology and subject matter expertise to deliver top-quality results through our in-house services:

  • Build administration plans for government enforcement actions, including consent orders, assurances of discontinuance, and deferred prosecution agreements
  • Working with clients to develop statements of work
  • Notice media campaigns, including follow up efforts to achieve high participation rates
  • Heir and next of kin discovery and verification
  • Website and database design and management
  • Advanced granular project reporting using government electronic file sharing systems
  • Strategic communications and global contact center
  • Payment processing and analysis
  • Fund management and distribution
  • Tax and treasury services
  • Special master services

Our team has decades of experience administering legal settlements of all types and sizes and we understand the unique aspects of regulatory and government matters. Contact us today to request a proposal or discuss your settlement.

Advanced Reporting and Transparency

Our vast experience and expansive in-house resources allow Kroll to offer flexible services for each settlement. Our team can accommodate unique functionalities that offer innovative solutions to complex problems.

  • Real-time case dashboard
  • Easy access to post distribution accounting
  • Proprietary claims processing platform

Learn more about our advanced reporting capabilities and innovative technology solutions.

Administering Complex Government Enforcement Actions

Administering Complex Government Enforcement Actions

As a result of extensive notice mailings, services in seven languages, multiple reminder efforts, and a robust outbound calling campaign, Kroll successfully distributed over 95% of Ally’s $80 million payment to its customers.

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Class Action Settlement Administration

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Settlement Administration

Kroll is the leader in complex settlement administration providing end-to-end expertise for class actions, mass torts, and regulatory and government administrations.

Notice Media Solutions

Market-leading team of media strategists providing customized digital and multimedia legal notice solutions.

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Industry leader providing U.S. state agencies with data-driven compliance and recovery solutions through proprietary technology.