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Advise on commercial and securities litigation, competition and antitrust issues, economic regulation and complex data analytics.

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Kroll's economists help businesses through the course of disputes and investigations, by providing critical analyses and expert testimony as may be needed. 

Our expert services help clients across a range of economic issues:

Commercial Litigation

Assisting with advice and analysis for both liability and quantum assessments. Our economists develop credible economic counterfactuals and consider the relative significance of heads of claims. We enable businesses to respond confidently to complex commercial litigation questions where market impacts are felt.

Securities litigation

Helping listed firms or institutional investors achieve fair assessments of the economic effects of events that trigger market moves. Our event studies help identify relevant benchmarks and determine but-for share prices.  Our experts also provide detailed portfolio and claimant modelling to assess the quantum of investor losses. Outside equities, we also help clients with debt and derivative market issues and with execution matters.

Competition Damages

Claims and market investigations, assisting with follow-on damages claims, our experts are able to estimate the extent of any potential overcharge from a cartel and consider the scope of any pass-on effects.  Through the course of investigations, we can help clients with core competition economics issues such as market delineation exercises, market power assessments, merger simulation modelling and advice on anti-competitive agreements, merger clearances and state aid issues.

Financial Conduct and Behavioral Regulation

Bringing expertise on consumer behaviour and the information influencing individuals’ economic decisions. Our analysis and detailed customer decision-making models are vital in financial conduct investigations and when dealing with regulatory efforts to protect users of financial services from exploitation or exclusion.

Economic Regulation

May be applied to critical network infrastructure, such as electricity, water, transport, communications and increasingly in the context of digital services. We support businesses with undwerstanding economic incentives and provide retail tariff and wholesale access price setting advice, cost allocations assessments and guidance on operational or structural separation issues.

Data Analytics and Economic Modeling

Helping clients analyse structured and unstructured big data sets, visualise data and distil trends. We help Identify appropriate data sets related both to inside the business and the wider market, and offer support with such economic issues as price setting, demand assessments forecasting and predictive modelling. We can also offer bespoke, detailed economic research and macro-economic, country, regional or local analyses to support clients’ needs.

Public Policy Advice and Impact Assessments

Is a core strength at Kroll. We’re leaders in economic impact modelling and assessments and detailed cost-benefit analyses to support successful engagement with policymakers and market regulators. We advise clients on a wide range of policies and proposals, and their economic, social welfare, environmental or data privacy impacts.

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