Active Shooter/Active Assailant

Wide array of active shooter/active assailant services tailored to your unique needs.

Kroll offers a wide array of active shooter/active assailant services rooted in best practices, empirical evidence, lessons learned and tested processes. Kroll’s services in this space are specifically tailored to your unique needs by our world-class experts. 

Active Shooter Site Assessments

Since the advent of the modern-day “active shooter,” and further evolution into “active assailants,” the security risk management community has learned a lot about the manifestation of an active shooter/assailant, their unique criminology and psychology, goals, objectives and attack methods. We have also learned about the successes and failures of various safeguards, security features and mitigation efforts to thwart an active shooter/active assailant. Kroll’s experts have been intimately involved in these evolutions and bring decades of learning, testing and experience to best safeguard your workplace environment. 

Kroll’s experts will assess your workplace’s physical, technical, operational and architectural security measures to effectively deter, detect and delay an active shooter/active assailant. Kroll’s uniquely accomplished personnel have extensive experience safeguarding U.S. embassies, government facilities, corporate environments, warehouses/distribution centers, retail locations, schools, universities and hospitals from the threat of an active shooter/active assailant.

Kroll will highlight the most significant vulnerabilities, make pragmatic recommendations to bolster your position against the threat of an active shooter/active assailant and help guide you through implementing those changes. 

Kroll has no ties to any security products or services. Our recommendations are always rooted in best practices and tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs. Kroll will help you cut through the sales pitches, product hoaxes and identify real, effective and proven safeguards for your workplace— now and in the future.

Active Shooter/Active Assailant Awareness Training

Kroll’s experts bring decades of learning, testing and experience to best train and educate your workforce. 

Kroll has consolidated the critical material and delivers tailored, adult learning model educational training on active shooter/active assailant awareness. We work with you to create and deliver training material relevant to your environment, tailored to your facilities and considerate of your operational culture. 

To capture the salient points needed to best safeguard a workplace from an active shooter/active assailant, Kroll generally covers the following:

  • Definition of an active shooter/active assailant 
  • Dispelling commonly accepted myths regarding active shooters
  • Key motivators unique to the presentation of an active shooter/active assailant
  • Red flag indicators of potential violence
  • Targeting lifecycle of an active shooter/active assailant
  • Relevant background and case study information 
  • Examples of successful deterrent, mitigation and security measures 
  • Examples of improvised solutions and defenses commonly found around the workplace
  • Real life safeguards that can be implemented at the office, at home and while out in public 
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