Fri, Nov 11, 2022

Case Study: Assessing Evolving Threats on a College Campus

Kroll was contacted by a large private university to reassess their current security program and benchmark how well they had achieved their goals from their previous security plan. Ten years prior, our client had hired a security consulting firm to analyze their security program and put in place improvements to their plan. They were interested in finding out if they had met their marks, as well as wanted an assessment of how threats had evolved.

Project Outcomes

As a result of Kroll’s work: 

  • We were able to confirm the prior investments and positive steps they had taken in implementing their original security program.
  • In our reassessment, Kroll looked at:
  • Law enforcement response
  • Access control program
  • Training, staffing and equipment 
  • Off-campus community engagement strategies and relationships in order to protect both the students and surrounding community 
  • Kroll provided a roadmap of newly evolving security threats, such as a large increase of violent crime in surrounding areas.
  • Kroll recommended social media monitoring and identified a need for new technology solutions to better protect students and staff.

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