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Kroll’s team excels at proactive security consulting and expert advisory solutions, aligning our comprehensive offerings with your enterprise’s risk appetite. We offer personnel, expertise, advisory and bandwidth when our clients are challenged in ways that stress their comfort or internal capabilities.
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Security, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Individuals and groups that intend to inflict harm against you, your people or your organization often present in unique and challenging ways. They can test security and protection programs in increasingly complex ways, oftentimes, using the element of surprise to their benefit. In an ever-evolving and modern threat landscape, Kroll’s experts can help organizations determine the overall threat environment of their business, people and executives and identify vulnerabilities that may be exploited by adversaries.

Kroll provides the background information needed to make informed decisions about risk, protection and enterprise-wide security—offering a more comprehensive solution for modern-day threats targeting executives and brands.

Kroll’s security, threat and vulnerability assessments are routinely conducted at corporate headquarters locations, executive residences, health care facilities, hospitals, schools, universities, research and development labs, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, data centers, critical infrastructure locations and facilities critical to business continuity and resiliency.

Geopolitical Risk Consulting and Travel Security

Kroll’s geopolitical risk consulting involves analyzing and assessing the political, economic, social and security risks that can impact businesses, governments, organizations or individuals operating in various regions around the world. We help our clients understand and navigate the complex geopolitical landscape, make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks that could affect their operations, interests, assets, people and reputation in an increasingly interconnected and uncertain world.

Geopolitical risks can encompass a wide range of factors, including (1) political stability (2) economic risks (3) security threats (4) legal and regulatory environments and (5) social and cultural factors.

We help our clients with international expansion, risk assessment for investments, crisis management, policy analysis, and geopolitical due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, among other services.

International travel raises a complex series of safety, security, administrative and logistical concerns. Kroll’s veteran team of international security executives and executive protection professionals have operated internationally for decades and will ensure your equities are protected while traveling abroad, beginning with a granular itinerary review. Together with our geopolitical risk consulting experts, we help achieve your intended goals in a manner that meets your duty of care requirements to protect people from both harm and embarrassment.

We gather threat intelligence and conduct pre-departure briefings to ensure travelers (and risk managers) are aware of those risks they’re likely to encounter (i.e., cross-cultural nuances, infrastructure reliability, geopolitical influences—including spheres of influence by potentially adversarial groups or governments, commercial/industrial espionage, security, safety, reliability of medical care, etc.)

Global Security Program Assessment

Kroll helps organizations analyze their existing global security program and adopt best practices, industry standards, executive expectations and/or established program goals and roadmaps. Our experts deep dive into enterprise security risk management, global operations, planning, resourcing, headcount, organizational alignment and strategic planning to help identify where you are now, where you ultimately want to be and how to best utilize existing and future resources to achieve programmatic objectives.

We work with clients of all sizes, compositions and geographic footprints to ensure that all elements of a security program are charting similar courses, achieving established program objectives and acting to further the overall goals of the organization.

Master Planning

Kroll’s team of experts helps our clients develop or revise security master plans that are aligned with their organization’s overall business plan, objectives, risk tolerance and culture. Regardless of your size, geographical footprint, or whether in a hyper-growth or contraction phase, Kroll can help plan for your next iteration of security planning, bringing all business units together for a unified security philosophy, strategy, set of goals, programs and processes—thus ensuring all elements of your enterprise are working together to achieve one common goal.

Executive Threat Assessments (IRS 132 Security Studies)

Kroll’s Executive Threat Assessment and/or “Independent Security Study” provides clients with real, articulated and actionable information to protect executives from harm and embarrassment. accordance with 26 U.S. Code § 132 (IRS 132),

Kroll’s executive threat assessment is a deep study of the threat environment impacting an executive, a detailed description of real and reasonably perceivable threats and an articulated position on Kroll’s proprietary five-point threat scale based on our objective assessment of all the facts and circumstances. Working directly with you, we explore all areas of potential threats against an executive, including threats of targeted violence, activist targeting, politically motivated violence, commercial and industrial espionage, travel-related threats, insider risks (i.e., workplace violence, disgruntlement), both from within and outside your organization.

This process ensures you gain a realistic understanding of the elements that may impact the safety and well-being of your executives, as well as realistic mitigation strategies and techniques. This better positions you to protect your executive from harm and embarrassment and offers potential tax benefits for both the employer and executive.*

*Oftentimes, Kroll’s reports are used in partial fulfillment of IRS 132 requirements regarding certain taxable fringe benefits associated with security or executive protection programs. Kroll strongly advises the involvement of both executive compensation and tax counsel for a comprehensive understanding of these elements

Outsourced Security Experts

Kroll maintains a core staff of enterprise security, protection, threat management and threat intelligence experts. Regardless of the demands on your program, the needs of your organization or the demands on your people, Kroll can help surge expertise, personnel and resources to assist when you’re short on bandwidth.

Kroll’s industry-leading experts are ready to join your team, your discussions and jump right into your most complex issues to help you fix your most compelling problems. Kroll personnel are often brought in to lead teams in times of executive absence(s), augment existing capabilities, supplement current capabilities, address acutely specific issues that threaten the enterprise and/or leverage the entirety of Kroll’s global resources—full-time, part-time, ad hoc or as needed. Kroll is here to help.

Expert Witness Testimony

Kroll provides expert opinions and analysis throughout the lifecycle of civil, criminal and administrative proceedings. Whether providing pre-trial prep work, expert opinions/reports, interpreting evidence, or assisting in strategy decisions, we help our clients by providing unbiased clarity on topics related to safety, security, law enforcement, workplace violence and managing threats globally.

Kroll maintains the highest of ethical standards, leverages established methodologies and has gained the trust and confidence or clients, law firms and courts all over the world.

Executive Recruitment Services and Personnel Placement

Kroll has a deep and far-reaching network of industry-leading and executive-level security and threat management professionals around the world. We leverage our vast network for our clients when they have staffing needs throughout their organization. Whether an executive-level vacancy or entry-level surge capacity is needed, count on Kroll to help find the best fit for your security- and threat-related staffing needs.

California Senate Bill 553 Mandates Workplace Violence Prevention Programs for Organizations

California Senate Bill 553 Mandates Workplace Violence Prevention Programs for Organizations

On September 30, 2023, the California State Senate passed Senate Bill 553, which addresses workplace violence prevention plans and employer applications for restraining orders as measures to increase occupational safety. The law is scheduled to take effect on July 1, 2024, and mandates that all companies with 10 or more employees have workplace violence prevention programs in place to better equip staff in times of unforeseen acts of violence.

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Enterprise Security Risk Management

Kroll’s Enterprise Security Risk Management practice provides expert guidance and advisory services to our global clientele as they navigate the most challenging and emerging security and threat-related issues.

Threat Management, Workplace Violence and Active Assailant Advisory

Kroll specializes in the precise and carefully measured application of threat management principles to thwart your organization’s most compelling threat actors while continuously maintaining control of its safety, principles and reputation.

Business Continuity, Resilience and Disaster Preparedness

In today’s fast-paced world, disruptions can happen anytime. Kroll’s full suite of business continuity, resiliency and disaster preparedness capabilities is designed to prepare your enterprise for unexpected risks and maintain competitiveness throughout the full lifecycle of any disruption.

Operational Security

Kroll’s sophisticated global network of experts can assist with your operational security needs, whether they are proactive to avoid enterprise risks, reactive augmentation to your current capabilities or capacity-building due to threats.

Sector and Industry Specific Services

Kroll experts provide security services tailored to the needs and specific contexts of diverse industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A threat to an executive is a threat to the entire organization. We conduct executive threat assessments regularly with our clients to study the environment around an executive in an organization. We work with companies to understand the underlying threat environment and develop security and executive protection programs that are tailored to the situation at hand.

Many factors contribute to a threat environment—historical work, association and brand recognition to name a few. As part of an executive threat assessment, our experts review all elements that could contribute to a threat environment, including social, dark web, public records and prior litigations. We interview cross-sections of the organizations and the executives themselves to identify where a potential threat may exist.

In an IRS 132 audit, we help executives better access security benefits by acting as an independent third party in analyzing the threat environment they are in and deciphering what it takes to mitigate the risks they face. Oftentimes, security features that are available to an executive—whether a driver, residential security or full-time protection detail—are tremendously expensive. These are also oftentimes determined as “fringe” benefits in the eyes of the IRS and are taxable.

As an independent third party, we can diagnose an executive’s threat environment and establish a set of required resources to protect the executive. One of the many benefits of doing so is that the company and the executive can benefit from the tax savings that come from the reclassification of “fringe” benefits.