Funds and Asset Management

Kroll’s Funds and Asset Management practice provides advisory and discretionary asset management services for illiquid or distressed investments.

Our Funds and Asset Management practice provides advisory and discretionary asset management services for illiquid or distressed investments, including divestments, rationalizing management cost structures, restructuring single investments, or portfolio realizations.

As general partner and investment manager, through our dedicated asset management platform, we manage assets held for third parties in pooled investment vehicles.

Our roles also include independent financial advisor, chief restructuring officer, director, legal representative or liquidator, focusing on restructuring, orderly wind down or other midterm solutions.

Our Experienced Professionals Assist With

  • Rationalization of cost structures: Consolidating services and rationalizing costs where the existing cost structure is no longer appropriate for the current quantum or status of assets
  • End-of-fund life challenges: Developing fund restructurings and other liquidity solutions to address the varying needs of different investors
  • Asset underperformance: Providing hands-on, experienced and operational support for underperforming investments
  • Manager performance: Replacing General Partners and Investment Managers where there is underperformance, lack of disclosure or value destruction
  • Skills and experience: Introducing specific skills and experience, such as restructuring, sale and/or jurisdictional specific experience to address issues faced by clients
  • Mergers and acquisitions: Sale of non-performing loans, distressed and illiquid assets in challenging markets at maximum value


How We Can Help

  • Specialist services for management and divestiture of illiquid or distressed assets
  • Replacement General Partner, Asset Manager and Fund Liquidator services
  • Performance improvement and operational management
  • Realization alternatives and strategies
  • Redemptions, valuation and pricing of illiquid investments
  • Equity and debt fundraisings
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