Cross Border Insolvency

Assisting stakeholders, including creditors, investors and management, to identify solutions in contentious situations.
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Appointed in substantial and complex insolvency assignments as receivers, provisional liquidators and liquidators. Experts in large international corporate collapses, auditor and other professional negligence claims and related complex commercial and accounting investigations.

Even simple, amicable insolvencies are challenging. They become exponentially more complicated when they span multiple jurisdictions, involve suspected fraud and misconduct or consist complicated capital structures. In difficult situations, companies, creditors and investors need an experienced and independent fiduciary to establish realistic options for recovery, make robust recommendations and take a hands-on approach to implementing them.

Kroll helps clients navigate cross-border and contentious insolvencies while maximizing value to stakeholders. As a result of our independence, we are able to act quickly, which is crucial when prompt and critical decision-making is required. We take a flexible approach to resolving complex situations to achieve more effective outcomes.

We recognize the challenges that can arise from changing market conditions, competing interests within management, unforeseen events, fraudulent activity or mismanagement. When such situations present themselves, decision-makers must proactively implement the available remedies, with the assistance of experienced professionals, while also weighing the interests of creditors, investors, regulators and fiduciaries.

How we can help

  • Liquidations (court-appointed, provisional or voluntary) and administration
  • Receiverships (court and private)/controllerships
  • Asset tracing, realizations, sales mandates and recovery operations
  • Investigating service provider negligence, including auditors and underwriters
  • Litigation funding, including the structure of funding arrangements and the associated documentation
  • Solvent liquidations, including corporate simplification of complex group structures
  • Trustee or examiner in bankruptcy
  • Liquidation analysis
  • Investigation of pre-petition actions and settlement of claims relating thereto 
  • Solvency (fraudulent conveyance) litigation and avoidance actions 
  • Liquidating trusts

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Recovering Arrears of Rent and Loans on Two Aircraft

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Restructuring and Turnaround

Assisting clients identify new paths to growth and enhanced profitability.

Funds and Asset Management

Kroll’s Funds and Asset Management practice provides advisory and discretionary asset management services for illiquid or distressed investments.

Matrimonial, Trust and Probate

Kroll provides independent and confidential advice to facilitate an amicable resolution of outstanding issues and division of assets.

Bankruptcy Litigation and Solvency Disputes

Expertise in disputes involving fraud, valuation, solvency, governance, plan treatment, and avoidance actions in the bankruptcy or insolvency context.

Financial Investigation and Forensic Services

Our experts’ extensive business and court experience enables us to analyze financial matters and provide opinions with real life examples and/or assist our clients in developing strategies to deal with fraud risks and the associated disputes.

Mass Tort Liability Management

Assist with challenges from a variety of situations including asbestos and product liability claims, environmental and pharmaceutical litigation and cases arising from allegations of sexual misconduct.

Preparing a Family Business for Sale

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