Jury selection is arguably the most important part of a trial. No matter how skillfully a case is tried, a mistake with even one juror could be the difference between winning and losing. Yet, time and again, litigators find themselves conducting voir dire with minimal insight into who prospective jurors really are and limited capacity to know if the answers they provide are true.

Kroll’s Juror Intelligence Service aims to fill this information void by providing relevant, timely, and specific intelligence, giving trial lawyers the resources they need to make smarter, more informed decisions during the jury selection process.

Kroll uses a collection of proprietary and licensed technologies in support of our Juror Intelligence research. These AI-based solutions use a combination of machine learning, robotic process automation and natural language processing to augment the abilities of our expert analysts. This allows us to collect and analyze voluminous information across a variety of structured and unstructured data sets and distill all of the noise into actionable intelligence for our clients.

Our Process

Juror Intelligence Services | Kroll

Initial Consultation

  • We consult with you to determine key parameters like number of prospective jurors to be researched and the amount of time being allotted to provide findings. 
  • Working together, we prioritize categories for relevant findings based on type of case, complexity of evidence, potential concerns of bias, etc etc. 

Template Development

  • Using the information gathered during our initial consultation, we develop a customized research methodology to address the issues most important to you.
  • We create a concise, easily digestible reporting template that enables you to quickly analyze pertinent risk areas.

Team Assembly

  • In advance of jury selection, we will assemble an experienced team of expert analysts.
  • We fully brief them on the nature of the case, the research plan, and the relevant timeline.

Research and Report 

  • The moment the juror list is provided, our analysts get to work, enhancing their research with cutting-edge technology to efficiently scrape the web for relevant intelligence.
  • We deliver completed reports to you, giving you the actionable intelligence you need to make critical jury selection decisions.

Why Kroll
  • Extensive Tools and Resources: Our expert analysts leverage a full suite of subscription and proprietary web scraping and analytical tools to aggregate massive volumes of unstructured data in short time frames.  
  • Expertise: Our teams are skilled at locating and extracting difficult to find information from open source and public record sources. We know where and how to look for the intelligence you need. 
  • Efficiency and Accuracy: We fully understand the incredibly time-sensitive and high stakes nature of jury selection. As such, Kroll has created a highly efficient system with robust quality controls on the front and back ends to ensure that the research will be completed thoroughly, accurately and on time. 

Talk to a Kroll Expert

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