Data Insights and Forensics

Data Insights and Forensics

Data Insights and Forensics

Clients turn to Kroll’s Data Insights and Forensics group when they seek objective data experts to help address their most complex compliance, regulatory and legal matters.

Our unbiased understanding helps clients rapidly gain insight into and mitigate risks posed by how data is utilized in their organizations, either internally or externally, by third parties who have access to or provide API access to sensitive data. Along with Kroll’s proprietary technology, data science teams and third-party risk assessment tools, our team is skilled in the most advanced analytics and techniques to quickly and effectively retrieve, reconstruct, preserve, analyze and provide meaningful insight into all aspects of unstructured and structured data.

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Data Insights and Governance – Reducing Compliance Risks

  • Regulatory-driven independent data and compliance system validations
  • Data integrity, validation and mapping – privacy, security controls and data efficacy (GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, Biometric Information Privacy Act)
  • Data diligence for intellectual property (IP) and protected health information/personally identifiable information for M&A activity
  • Transactional anomaly detection and fraud prevention
  • Financial crime and compliance – anti-money laundering (AML), Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), know your customer (KYC) system integrity, validation and optimization
  • Data monitorship support and advisory


Data Forensics – Investigations

  • Geo-IP/transaction analysis, anomaly detection and entity resolution
  • Financial crime investigations (AML, OFAC and fraud)
  • Converged data analytics – correlating unstructured and structured data to leverage AI and machine learning for efficiency and rapid insight
  • Privacy violation investigations
  • Enterprise architecture, cloud, blockchain, enterprise resource planning, migration failures, misuses or data dependency and lineage investigations
  • Employee misconduct


Optimizing Litigation Data

  • Expert testimony (IP theft, data spoliation, special master/data neutral advisory)
  • Create/implement repeatable, defensible litigation response process and technologies
  • Pre-litigation analytics to identify data redundancy, relevance, reasonableness and rationalization of costs
  • UK Disclosure and FRCP Rule 16(b) 26(f) pre-trail and conference strategic advisory and support
  • Data advisory on conflicting privacy and disclosure obligations
  • 30(b)6 expert witness support
  • Corporate legal technology and cost optimization


Our Solutions

  • Provide actionable insight into all aspects of regulatory data risk, including privacy, security, crypto and AML/fraud frameworks
  • Enhance traditional forensic technology by providing innovative tech-enabled and efficient investigative services
  • Enrich client data with external Kroll data stack to correlate meaningful and rapid intelligence
  • Rapidly correlate disparate unstructured (discovery, forensics) and structured (big data, ledger, transactional information) data to solve all investigation needs as a one-stop leading data-innovative business
  • Provide data expert and litigation services, including neutral data arbitrations, remediation, forensics and data monitorships for IP theft, misuse of privacy data or other regulatory-driven risks
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