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Our team has decades of experience serving as independent advisors, and our client-focused approach and deep technical expertise allows us to work across a spectrum of technologies, industries and data issues.
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Disputes, regulatory inquiries and enterprise success hinge on resolving complex issues of technology and data. Virtually every litigation, arbitration, insurance and regulatory matter requires the application of forensic data collection and analysis methods, systems analysis and specialized technology expertise. Kroll serves as trusted advisors and independent experts to clients and their counsel, providing advisory services and expert testimony.


The Challenges We Address

  • Independent expert testimony
  • Distressed projects and disputes requiring recovery, turnaround, resolution, advisory services


  • Systems, software and business process consulting
  • Implementation of defensible global data processes: Identification, collection, analysis and reporting on large, complex data sets

Our Approach

Our approach to helping clients and counsel deal with these challenges and obligations is collaborative and transparent, utilizing technology to enhance collaboration and efficiencies. We rely on a globally-consistent methodology and an effective communication plan, supported by regular summary and progress reports, to handle high-stakes engagements.

We have experts globally — experienced professionals in specific locations with in-country experience, language fluency and data technology to adhere with local requirements and regulations.

We Bring


  • Specific knowledge gained from high-profile complex regulatory and internal investigations, litigations and disputes

  • Dedicated industry teams with knowledge of sector-specific data variations and the regulatory restrictions that govern them

  • Thought leaders who are founding members of leading industry associations 


  • Embedding analytics in each stage of a matter to gain deeper insights and reduce time and costs

  • Industry-leading software platforms and proprietary software and analysis

  • Public and proprietary data 


  • Work closely with legal teams and subject matter experts across multiple disciplines

  • Provide technology solutions to collaboratively share data insights, including data visualizations and self-service analytics

Global Experience

  • Testimony experience in multiple geographic jurisdictions across four continents

  • Ability to simultaneously execute in multiple geographies and multiple languages, governed by a consistent global methodology

  • Global IT forensics and analytics infrastructure with dedicated resources providing harmonized support and compliant data hosting across geographies 

The Issues We Assist With

Our global team consists of subject matter experts, data scientists and technology professionals leverage decades of technology experience and advanced technology solutions. We use agile working methods with customizable processes that can be applied to disputes, investigations and regulatory reviews, supporting clients at any stage of a matter. We provide clients early insights to design strategy around technology and data issues, advanced analytics, defensible workflows, innovative technology and customized solutions.

Specifically, we help clients address issues related to:


Data Collection and Conversion Data Visualizations and Trial Graphics

  • Statistical modeling and reporting

  • Data-driven fact pattern analysis

  • AI systems analysis 

  • Data collection and conversion

  • Data visualizations and trial graphics 

Expert Services

  • Expert reports and testimony for courts and international arbitration tribunals

  • Privileged consulting

  • Neutral expert assignments

  • Client IT representative testimony (e.g., 30(b)(6))

  • Post-litigation settlement monitoring and reporting

  • Dispute resolution activities (mediation/alternative dispute resolution (ADR) support) 

Fact Witness Testimony and Disclosure

  • (30(b)(6) and (1006)

  • Rule 60(b) 

  • Disclosure consulting (CPR 31B and Rule 60) 

Intellectual Property

  • Software and source code analysis (including de-compilation and reverse engineering) 

  • Software licensing 

IT Systems and Project Analysis

  • Delay and quantum analysis

  • Fitness for purpose of IT systems

  • IT systems best practices 

  • Project management

  • IT systems controls and operations  

Technical Insurance Disputes and Claims

  • Warranty and indemnity technical assessments 

  • Licensing and software asset management 

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Kroll’s Data Insights and Forensics team leads some of the largest and most complex mobile device analysis investigations and litigation matters, spanning hundreds of devices and mining the most complex data types. Contact our team to learn more.

Data Insights and Forensics

We are the leading advisors to organizations, providing expertise and solutions to address complex risks and challenges involving technology and data. We advise clients with services to address risks in disputes, investigations and regulatory compliance.

Blockchain and Financial Crime

Our global team of forensic experts, investigation specialists and data management professionals leverage advanced technology solutions that support our clients at any stage of a matter.

Expert Services

Independent expert analysis, testimony, advice and investigations for complex disputes and projects.