Investigating $150 Billion in Digital Assets in the Face of Regulatory Changes

Discover how Kroll’s cryptocurrency experts helped our client proactively review large digital assets, enabling them to meet shifting regulatory demands and pivot to market changes with confidence.

The Challenge

Investigating $150 Billion Worth of Digital Assets in the Face of Ever-Evolving Regulatory Changes

In the fast-paced world of digital assets, a leading cryptocurrency exchange company encountered a formidable challenge. The company was navigating through a vast array of digital assets, each requiring rigorous scrutiny for compliance with financial crime regulations. Amid a bullish market, the company saw an opportunity to expand its digital asset investigation capabilities by swiftly evaluating and considering the listing of numerous new assets. The task at hand was not merely a compliance requirement; it was a strategic maneuver to meet market demands, diversify trading options and enhance revenue.

The challenge facing the cryptocurrency company was unique in its scale and complexity. The company’s objective was not just to assess digital assets but to conduct comprehensive due diligence on a global scale. This endeavor involved multijurisdictional aspects, intricate tasks and the need for specialized expertise with multilanguage coverage—an obstacle that proved challenging to overcome.

That's when the company called Kroll to step in and get to work.

Kroll's Solution

Investigating $150 Billion Worth of Digital Assets in the Face of Ever-Evolving Regulatory Changes

Recognizing the unique demands of the assignment, Kroll assembled, trained and scaled a team of expert digital asset due diligence researchers. These professionals were well-versed in financial crime compliance and possessed an in-depth understanding of multiple blockchain networks, blockchain data and the difficult technical aspects of digital assets. Their mission was crystal clear: Deliver high-quality, timely and cost-effective reports to support the compliant listing of digital assets on the client's exchange.

Kroll's success story began to unfold as the team adeptly maneuvered through the intricacies of the task. The team provided comprehensive reports and offered periodic due diligence updates. The key to this success was Kroll's extensive investigative resources, deep expertise in digital asset compliance and rich talent pool of analysts. This underlined our unwavering commitment to ensuring the client's success in the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets and financial regulations.

The Impact

Investigating $150 Billion Worth of Digital Assets in the Face of Ever-Evolving Regulatory Changes

Kroll played an indispensable role in helping our client navigate the ever-shifting landscape of financial crime regulations on a global scale. This support ensured compliance and opened the door to an expanded array of sought-after digital assets, ultimately boosting revenue. The partnership with Kroll allowed the cryptocurrency company to effectively double the number of digital assets under consideration for listing, capitalization or market optimization, fostering differentiation and growth.

In addition to our commitment to excellence, Kroll strategically employed analysts fluent in multiple languages, including Chinese and Russian, showcasing our dedication to providing vital jurisdictional expertise. This linguistic diversity equipped our client with the essential skills needed to navigate regulatory complexities in diverse regions.

Throughout the due diligence journey, Kroll meticulously examined over 20 of the top 50 digital assets, representing a combined market capitalization of $150 billion. Kroll's expertise spanned across all major layer 1 networks, thanks to a global team of cryptocurrency and blockchain-savvy researchers. This unique blend of talent and knowledge solidified Kroll as a strategic partner for clients seeking to master the intricacies of risk management and optimize their operational capacity. In the ever-fluctuating cryptocurrency market, this aspect proved to be crucial.

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