Blockchain and Financial Crime

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Decoding Crypto Risks and Portfolio Assessment
Discover how Kroll, armed with discretion and expertise, unveils the secrets of a global investment company’s risk exposure. Navigating the dynamic crypto landscape, our experts conducted covert investigations to extract actionable intelligence.

As it stands, crypto faces a multitude of both present and future challenges, some of which are predictable, and can be managed proactively, with others being shock events where the response required is rapid and generally tactical in nature. Any failure to address these challenges may result in acquisition, insolvency or even criminal sanction for the entities, or parties involved. All of this is data driven, requiring skill and expertise to leverage the right people, processes and technology to deliver the right outcome.

With more than 300 individuals experienced in digital assets worldwide, Kroll has worked with leading global names in the crypto industry and leverages unique skills, analytics and people to work with crypto clients to remediate existing risk factors and deploy technology-enabled risk solutions, thus equipping them for the future. Our cadre of resources includes over 60 dedicated specialists, some of whom are thought leaders, authors and commentators, speaking regularly on trends in the industry.


The Challenges We Address

  • Regulatory and Financial Crime Compliance
    Typically, the local regulator or the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) or the FinCen driven, both current and future requirements.
  • Effective Governance
    Covering a multitude of risk areas, including the control and risk framework, reporting and decision hygiene, three lines of defense, and the operation and profile of the board.
  • Resourcing and Analytics
    Ensuring the availability of the right people with the right skills fulfilling the right role on a dial-up, dial-down basis, leveraging external support as required.
  • Ensuring the Market Offering is Compliant
    Covering areas such as market abuse, consumer protection, early warning of distressed protocols, new listings and existing protocols.
  • Managing Shock Events
    These include class actions and legal risk and market disruption and malicious actors.
  • Data Quality
    The accuracy and completeness of data are critical to the success of any data analysis. Data may be incomplete or contain errors, which can skew results and compromise the findings of an investigation, dispute or regulatory response. 

  • Legal Considerations
    Facilitating a successful outcome in litigation, dispute and regulatory review requires an expert understanding of the legal and regulatory framework governing the use of data in disputes and investigations. Professionals must ensure their analysis is conducted in compliance with these requirements and that their findings are admissible in court. 
  • Data Privacy
    This is a significant concern, and organizations must ensure that they comply with relevant laws and regulations governing the use of personal information. Additionally, the process of data collection and analysis must be conducted in a way that protects the confidentiality of sensitive data. 
  • Data Interpretation
    Interpreting data is a complex process that requires expertise and experience. Organizations must be able to identify relevant data, recognize patterns and draw conclusions that are supported by evidence.
  • Communication
    Communicating the results of a data analysis to clients, regulators or other stakeholders can be challenging. Organizations must be able to present complex information clearly and concisely, using visuals or other means to convey information effectively.

The Solutions We Bring


  • Specific knowledge gained from more than 100 industry-wide crypto engagements since 2021, including high-profile complex regulatory and internal investigations, litigation and disputes
  • Dedicated industry teams with knowledge of sector-specific data variations and the regulatory restrictions that govern them
  • Thought leaders who are authors, public speakers and founding members of leading industry associations


  • Embedding analytics in functions to gain cost efficiency, quick turnaround and matter insights
  • Big data approach that integrates structured and unstructured data to deliver insights
  • Focused and practical research and development designed to enhance services


  • Multiple hosting options: on-premise, via cloud or mobile data center
  • Managed services and preferred provider arrangements that come with dedicated resources with institutional knowledge and capacity flexibility

Global Availability

  • Ability to simultaneously execute in multiple geographies and multiple languages, governed by a consistent global methodology
  • Global IT infrastructure with dedicated resources providing harmonized support across geographies     


  • Knowledge of local cultures, data protection and privacy laws
  • Deep bench of technical skills, strengthened by wide-ranging experience to handle specific client challenges  

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