Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Transform how your company manages contracts throughout their lifecycle with Kroll’s expert services.
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Kroll’s contract management team works with leaders in CLM software and has the seasoned expertise needed to analyze and enhance how your company manages contacts throughout their lifecycle.

Contract Lifecycle Management

We believe a contract is much more than a formality. It is a living document that drives value, with the potential to cause loss at any stage in its life. Our contract management solutions team has the expertise to analyze and enhance how your company manages contracts throughout its lifecycle.

We understand the various elements involved in contract management and can interpret the scope of each element within a contract to optimize the value of each contract, by offering unparalleled support for clients of all sizes - and at any stage.


We have extensive experience selecting, implementing and upgrading systems. We also have partnerships with several leading CLM software companies:

  • Agiloft
  • Conga
  • Docusign
  • Mitratech
  • Onit


Contract Management Expertise

Centralized Contract Repository

Our experts can help you choose the right solution, migrate physical and digital contracts into a single system for seamless, holistic management, and guide your team to ensure:

  • Optimal tracking and reporting to ensure:  no contracts are misplaced, no terms missed and increased visibility for compliance
  • Efficient remote access and no information silos: users can connect and work in partnership remotely, enabling collaboration across all stages of contract management, including templates and clauses
  • Effective use of templates: To avoid version control issues that lead to a waste of legal resources

AI and Contract Management Automation

There are dozens of vendors touting revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for contract management. Our team has the frontline expertise to select the best solution for your organization. Our clients see:

  • Decreased feedback loops and cycle times for approvals and reviews
  • Reduced amount of iterations with standardized language
  • Granular management and automation of the entire contract lifecycle, from requests and renewals to approvals and workflows

Improve Your Process Efficiency

Even mature organizations may experience inefficiencies over time or face new challenges when new integrations or templates are introduced, especially when faced with new M&A activity. Here’s what our seasoned contract management consultants can do:

  • Handle the collection and ingestion of enormous contract sets—physical or digital
  • Help evaluate and optimize your contract process, shortening approval and review time
  • Build effective continuous improvement plans

Ensure Contract Compliance

A streamlined business process provides contract accountability. From request to approval, our experts ensure every contract is held to compliance standards, giving you the control you need. We help you:

  • Identify, capture, assign and track completion of tasks assigned to business owners
  • Ensure no critical terms are deleted and that the right people have edited the document
  • Avoid the risk of contract termination or litigation

End-to-End Contract Lifecycle Management Expertise

You can count on Kroll to better track, manage and automate every granular step of the contract lifecycle. Talk to one of our contract management experts today.


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