Advisory and Consulting Services

Strategic initiatives that align the legal department’s corporate-driven goals with its internal management agenda.
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Information Management and Governance

Strategic services to help companies improve the management of the legal and compliance department. Our focus is typically on operations improvement, efficiency, and effective management of legal and regulatory risks. We work closely with legal departments to help them develop efficient and executable plans designed to support corporate goals.

Our objective is to position the General Counsel and legal operations team as a key contributor to corporate success by doing the following:

  • Understanding the core vision and strategies of the client organization, and then crafting a vision and strategic initiatives that align the legal department’s client-facing goals with its internal management agenda
  • Designing a departmental structure that enables the organization to best service its clients while creating clear lines of authority and responsibility
  • Standardizing key processes across the department and leveraging technology to improve decision-making, track workflows, eliminate inefficiencies, and establish accountability
  • Establish metrics and reporting strategies to monitor and communicate achievement internally and externally
Our Process

Advisory and Consulting


Our approach to strategic planning is to identify the core vision and strategies of the client organization, and then craft a vision and strategic initiatives that align the department’s client-facing goals with its internal management agenda.  Each initiative includes key success factors to measure results and communicate achievement internally and externally. We drill down to specific activities and prioritize each into short, medium- and long-term objectives and work with you to leverage our project management skills, capitalize on momentum and demonstrate progress.


We develop optimal organizational structures that enable legal departments to best serve their clients while creating clear lines of departmental authority.

Our focus is on developing an optimal departmental structure that enables the organization to best service its clients while creating clear lines of authority and responsibility.  We compare the existing staffing mix to the ideal organizational structure, create a migration plan, develop job descriptions and performance criteria, and clearly link the new organizational structure to key stakeholders.  Information, Management and Governance (IMG) works with your organization on staff utilization, analyzing the delegation of tasks to the lowest possible level competent to perform the work.


We help the client to standardize key processes across the legal department. This improves decision-making, eliminates inefficiencies, and establishes accountability.

Standardizing key processes across the Department is key to improving decision-making, tracking workflows, eliminating inefficiencies, and establishing accountability.  We are experts in every aspect of case management and can work with you to implement best-in-class processes for law department leaders.  Most importantly, our metrics approach to process will enable you to estimate time, effort or hard dollar savings and benchmark to peer organizations if desired.


We implement technology solutions that support the execution of departmental goals.  Common solutions include matter-centric and connected solutions.

Our team has deep experience in the implementation of a wide variety of technology tools that departments use to improve efficiency and effectiveness, including matter management, electronic invoicing, document management, contract management, discovery management, lit holds, corporate secretary, legal service requests and portals.  We help you perform a needs assessment, define your selection criteria, select the appropriate tools and implement the tools.

Five Key Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Advisory Services

Legal outsourcing is the best way for companies to manage their complex and time-consuming matters. It is an important factor that affects the legal industry immensely. Outsourcing of legal services is done for the advantage of significantly lower costs.

Access To Emerging Technology

Outsourcing of legal services gives in-house lawyers access to the latest technology, research tools and high-end storage services. Moreover, company’s sensitive documents will remain protected and service providers who hold specialization in litigation support will also guide in documentation, document storage and transcription.


Outsourcing legal service is beneficial to an organization. It can lead to huge cost-saving by eliminating the need to hire qualified personnel and invest money and time in training.

Access To Trained Professionals

Obtaining the guidance and help of external professionals will decrease the overall time that you may need to complete a legal process. Outsourcing also reduces the workload of in-house employees and manages to fill the gap between internal competencies.


The amalgamation of on-shore and off-shore team members gives the legal organizations the liberty to complete their task within a shorter span of time. For example, the 12-hour time difference between US and India eases the level of operations and reduces the delivery time.

Increased Flexibility

Outsourcing of legal advisory services helps in reducing the level of workload and allow an organization to focus on other core areas of business. Furthermore, a combination of external and in-house talent also helps outsourcing firms deliver their services as per the demands of the clients. Law firms can also avoid incurring fixed cost in the form of salaries to permanent employees.

End-to-End Kroll Advisory and Consulting Services

In today’s complex business world, clients require advisers who will challenge the possibilities of legal service delivery and approach matters through an innovative mindset and smarter ways of working. At Kroll we recognize the client nuances in an ever-intensifying legal landscape, and are committed to providing an optimal and comprehensive offering. Talk to an expert today.


Valuation of businesses, assets and alternative investments for financial reporting, tax and other purposes.

Cyber Risk

Incident response, digital forensics, breach notification, managed detection services, penetration testing, cyber assessments and advisory.

Compliance and Regulation

End-to-end governance, advisory and monitorship solutions to detect, mitigate and remediate security, legal, compliance and regulatory risk.

Corporate Finance and Restructuring

M&A advisory, restructuring and insolvency, debt advisory, strategic alternatives, transaction diligence and independent financial opinions.

Investigations and Disputes

World-wide expert services and tech-enabled advisory through all stages of diligence, forensic investigation, litigation, disputes and testimony.

Digital Technology Solutions

Enriching our professional services, our integrated software platform helps clients discover, quantify and manage risk in the corporate and private capital market ecosystem.

Business Services

Expert provider of complex administrative solutions for capital events globally. Our services include claims and noticing administration, debt restructuring and liability management services, agency and trustee services and more.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Advisory and technology solutions, including policies and procedures, screening and due diligence, disclosures and reporting and investigations, value creation, and monitoring.