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Improve operational agility and employee engagement with end-to-end support from Kroll experts.

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Implement modern and robust solutions to improve operational agility and employee engagement with end-to-end support from Kroll experts including, work product management, automation, development and integration, content migration, platform maintenance and end-user adoption.

At Kroll we focus heavily on reducing total cost of ownership through cloud-based innovation and process improvement.

Developing a Technology Roadmap and Long-Term Plan

Many organizations acquire platforms and applications over time that have significant overlap with one another or do not fit into a singular technology vision. For other organizations there are too many point solutions that lack key integrations and synergies, which increases cost and stretches internal support capabilities. A holistic technology roadmap seeks to optimize people, process, and technology to maximize effectiveness. Our team of experts can assist you with developing a purpose-built roadmap and method for continuously evaluating technology on a regular basis.

Technology Implementation

Implementing New Technology Through Real World Experience

Our consultants have decades of experience assisting clients through the complete lifecycle of implementing and supporting traditional and cloud-based applications and services. As a trusted advisor to in-house technology teams and an effective partner for product vendors, we can help elevate IT’s role in transforming the business.

Our process follows a tested project management methodology to identify needs and risks early and through iteration and testing and delivers robust platforms that meet end-user needs.

  • Requirements Definition
  • Design & Prototyping
  • Build and Development
  • Data Migration
  • Testing and Remediation
  • Deployment
  • Training
  • End User Adoption and Change Management


Agile Application Development to Power Modern Innovations

As organizations fully embrace the cloud and sunset legacy platforms, the need for agile, custom-fit applications has never been greater. While disparate application portfolios have continued to consolidate, key cloud-based integrations are needed to power automation and process improvement. Our developers can help you build modern and compliant application integrations that use industry standard APIs and methodologies. We provide:

  • Custom integration services for RESTful APIs using Java or C#
  • Custom connectors and functions using Microsoft Power Automate on Azure
  • Code review and hardening
  • Legacy application transformation projects
  • API development training for in-house IT
  • Project management for application development projects


Managing Change is the Key to Success

The success of any newly implemented technology is measured by the maturity of end-user adoption and engagement. A successful change management strategy provides meaningful tools, processes, skills, and principles for managing the people side of change to achieve the required outcomes of implementing a new technology. A structured approach focuses on transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from the current way of working to the new way of working.

Poor outcomes after new technologies have been deployed are most often attributed to a lack of understanding of how to properly engage with the end users throughout the lifecycle of a new initiative. Our team utilizes Prosci’s ADKAR® Model to enable IT and business leaders to realize their new investments within months, not years.

End-to-End Technology Implementation Services

Whether you need a full stop implementation partner or a seasoned consultant to help drive change management, our experts are ready to assist. Talk to a Kroll technology expert today.

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Connect with us
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