Managed Services

The executive’s dilemma: Control vs. Efficiency
or, “Is it really worth our effort?”

What business are you in?

Unless you’re a law firm partner, it is unlikely that compliance is your business. And yet regulatory issues can take up a significant portion of your day-to-day.

Unless you run an executive search, payroll processing or benefits administration firm, then Human Resources is not your top priority. Still, you can’t address staffing without onboarding and provisioning the right quantity and mix of outstanding individuals.

And, while it is possible that you operate in or adjacent to the financial services sector, the daily grind of corporate finance is most likely more of an endurance test for your staff than a profit center for your company.

Legal, HR and Finance processes are often seen as cost centers, but they can deliver significant efficiencies if properly staffed and equipped. Well-oiled internal firm services can help avoid regulatory actions, enable more resources toward talent acquisition, provide faster onboarding, reduce invoicing delays and much more. But should you seek those benefits by hiring and training more in-house talent, or outsource to seasoned experts that can hit the ground running?

Kroll can help you answer those questions and more – and provide you with options you might not have otherwise considered.

Benefits of Kroll Managed Services

Kroll’s Information Managed and Governance Managed Services enable you to drive efficiency by adopting the right technology to improve your existing processes and enable new ones.  There are essentially five distinct classes of benefits to selecting Kroll as your managed service provider.

1. Improved Financial Performance
More resilient infrastructure leads to less downtime which leads in turn to greater productivity, that is, higher revenue. On the cost side, managed services yield savings related to hardware, software, labor and facilities. Beyond that, these lower costs become much more predictable via a subscription to a managed service provider such as Kroll rather than as a convoluted IT budgeting exercise

2. Modernize and Manage Risk Protocols
Data security has – rightfully – garnered the attention of government and media as well as corporate decision-makers. While Kroll Managed Services can help insulate your enterprise against this risk, the service can also reduce exposure to regulatory compliance actions

3. Improve Service Delivery to Both Internal and External Clients
Confidential documents and sensitive data must simultaneously be protected from prying eyes and available immediately to those who need them for legitimate purposes. Private cloud-based storage is even more of an advantage if it’s accessible from approved devices

4. Load-balance High-demand Skill Sets and Expertise
All internal service providers – Legal, HR, Finance and IT – require a set of skills that can be exceedingly difficult to procure. Getting all these subject matter experts on the same bridge line at the same time can seem next to impossible. As a managed services ecosystem takes root, though, the frequency of these calls will be greatly reduced

5. Most Importantly, Effective Managed Service Providers Allow the Team at Headquarters to Focus on Critical, Strategic and Innovative Initiatives
When you establish a relationship with a managed service provider, don’t underestimate the benefits of uniformity. As disparate infrastructure elements and processes converge into one uniform architecture, less is required of the internal workforce to keep the operation running. That is realized time that can be put toward high-level priorities that keep an enterprise nimble in a dynamic market environment

Beyond that, it’s important to parse the difference between conventional outsourcing purveyors and the kind of dedicated managed services in which Kroll is an industry leader.

Conventional Outsourcing 

Kroll Managed Services Advantage

Quality, though satisfactory overall, might be inconsistent

Quantitative metrics inform contractual KPIs, resulting in unambiguous service level agreements

One-size-fits-all solution

Client is the provider’s partner in solution design

Black-box solution

Transparent view of the provider’s process, including the technology and lean management systems that enable it

Cursory project oversight

Governance is a key, well-defined element of the service, as is consistent project management to ensure adherence to time and expense schedules 

Unpredictable pricing

Fixed subscription rate supplemented by variable – yet predictable – pay-by-the-drink pricing during surge periods


Proven Track Record

Processes that are necessary to perform, but which are not critical to your enterprise’s mission can often be routinized. And what can be routinized might even be automated. The Kroll Managed Services practice can provide the benefits inherent in that lower level of friction almost immediately.

But rarely does one of our clients wake up with a sudden urge to engage a managed service provider. More likely, this interest comes as a result of other changes within the organization. Whether it’s a merger, an acquisition or a divestiture, change begets change. That’s the juncture at which Kroll’s seasoned transaction support team offers processes and strategies to help you make decisions more quickly and execute deals more efficiently.

While the interest may be born out of a due diligence requirement, in short order you might find that the advantages of the managed services approach can be readily applied across functions.

Kroll Managed Services Expertise Includes

  • Strategic Planning
  • Transaction Management
  • M&A Contract Due Diligence
  • Divestiture Preparation
  • Acquisition Integration
  • Contract Migration
  • Contract Management
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Process Optimization and Harmonization
  • Technology Selection and Implementation


End-to-End Kroll Managed Services

What are managed services? It’s taking any or all of your have-to-dos and enabling them to be processed efficiently and, to a large extent, by someone else who can do them faster and less expensively. Kroll Managed Services is a leader in the field and can provide the expertise you need to transition to this high-value, low-touch solution set.

Let Kroll Managed Services lend a hand on your next corporate strategy move. Then let the practice:

  • Reduce your costs on the way to increasing your revenues
  • Protect you from insider threats and external adversaries
  • Improve your internal user experience and,
  • Make better use of your skilled staff’s time

Contact Kroll Managed Services to start your journey now.

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Managed Services

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