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Special expertise in syndicated, bilateral and direct lending transactions in in the loan and bond markets.

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Our comprehensive services include:

Facility Agent Services

Acting as facility agent is at the core of our service offering, and we continually strive to raise the bar through our exceptional client service. With more than 15 years of experience each, our dedicated team members are committed to delivering the fastest and most efficient services on a 24/7 basis to exceed our clients’ expectations. In addition to providing fee proposals within 24 hours and a dedicated team upon engagement, as part of our facility agent services, we also provide clients with:

  • Finance documentation review
  • Administration of deal closing and drawdowns
  • Calculating amounts due under the loan
  • Payment receipt and fund distribution
  • Loan administration
  • Same-day KYC processing and lender transfers
  • Ongoing drawdowns and processing
  • Tracking and monitoring of financial information through debt domain or via other web-based portals, including Kroll Business Connect

Security Agent Services

Our industry leading agency and trustee services team holds security on behalf of creditors in a wide variety of jurisdictions and has over 25 years of experience working on some of the most high-profile restructurings. We can also act for a single class of creditors or in respect of security held for multi-creditor platforms, senior and junior tranches of debt, payment-in-kind debt, and including an all-encompassing range of assets.

Our security service offering includes:

  • Acting as pledgee holding security on behalf of creditors
  • Safekeeping of physical collateral
  • Enforcing security on behalf of creditors
  • Holding proceeds of enforcement on behalf of creditors
  • Filing of creditor claims in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Allocation of distributions according to post enforcement waterfalls
  • Distributing upon enforcement proceeds to lenders
  • Releasing security on loan repayment or bond financing on direction of creditors

Bond & Note Trustee

Bond issuers and their advisers benefit from appointing a professional and commercially minded trustee and/or fiscal agent, depending on the structure and needs of the financing. An experienced trustee offers substantial advantages to borrowers, issuers and investors, through speed of decision making, flawless execution and high-touch communication. In addition to providing fee proposals within 24 hours and immediately assigning transaction execution and KYC / onboarding staff upon engagement, our highly experienced trustee professionals provide issuers, their advisors and investors with the following services:

  • Finance documentation review
  • Ongoing administration, proactively and efficiently managing requests for consents, waivers and amendments
  • Tracking and monitoring of financial information with the ability to provide a dedicated web-based portal to upload and share copious amounts of documents and data efficiently

Paying Agent & Registrar

Acting as paying agent and registrar for privately placed notes is one of our core service offerings. Private credit markets are an increasingly important source of funds for sponsors and companies and by engaging with a professional agent such as Kroll, clients benefit from fast and efficient services on a 24/7 basis. As part of our paying agent and registrar services, we provide clients with:

  • Same-day fee proposals within a 24-hour timeframe
  • Immediate team allocation for transaction execution and KYC and onboarding upon engagement
  • Finance documentation review
  • Administration of initial closing and drawdowns
  • Calculation of amounts due under the notes and notification to issuers
  • Payment receipt and fund distributions
  • Tracking and monitoring of financial information through debt domain or via other web-based portals, including Kroll Business Connect
  • Same-day KYC processing and lender transfers

Escrow Agent

Kroll has the experience, responsiveness and perfected processes to deliver exceptional escrow agent services. Our team of professionals are at the forefront of our service delivery. We understand the commercial sensitivities and short timelines often required and our team is readily available with extended hours. We provide clients with the following services:

  • Good faith deposits
  • Execution of hold back amounts
  • Debt service reserve
  • Paying agent services

English Process Agent Services

Participants in the European bond and loan markets, including overseas companies and their counsel, are often required to appoint an English process agent to serve legal documentation should court proceedings arise. As a leading provider of bond trustee, facility and security agency services, our team works on a diverse portfolio of such transactions and can provide an efficient process agent solution. We also provide English process agent support to companies entering legal contracts with one or more parties governed by English law, and those without a physical address in England. Such contracts include all manner of credit agreements, security pledges, lease agreements, subscription and assignment agreements, and ISDA agreements. Acting as process agent, we:

  • Accept delivery of any documents related to arbitration proceedings, legal actions or proceedings issued out of the Courts of England
  • Receive any notice or other communication served on the part

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