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Kroll’s Agency and Trustee Services practice has the experience, responsiveness and proven processes to deliver exceptional escrow and paying agent services for any transaction. Our global team of experts are at the forefront of our service delivery. We understand the commercial sensitivities and short timelines often required around your transaction.

Our team has the expertise and personalized service delivery to mitigate risk and ensure successful outcomes for escrow and paying agent requirements, allowing our clients to focus on other aspects of the financing or acquisition that require their attention. We take the burden off your hands to securely receive and hold your funds and disburse them at the necessary times detailed in the contract.

Advanced Processes and 24-Hour Turnaround

Kroll’s advanced processes and technology-driven know your customer (KYC) onboarding allow us to hold assets in escrow and disburse them quickly and securely. We act as an independent third-party to the transaction, delivering user-friendly form agreements, as little as 24-hour KYC turnaround and on-hand deposit accounts ensuring speed of execution and streamlining costs.

Unmatched Client Service

What clients like most about working with Kroll is our hands-on, personalized service delivery model. Kroll’s experts will work with you every step of the way to develop an escrow transaction structure that works for you. Our processes are tailored as needed to meet the unique requirements of any transaction.

We Provide the Following Services

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether it be for a hold back scenario or a good faith/proof of funds deposit, Kroll tailors a transaction to include investment of funds and specific release instructions allowing the parties to gain comfort during the acquisition process.

Capital Raising

Kroll offers escrow and paying agency options to address requirements under Reg-D, Reg-A+, Reg-S and Reg-CF while raising capital for the investment in securities. Having Kroll act as an independent party gives investors comfort that their funds are secure during the process.


Generally required under any settlement proceeding, Kroll establishes the Litigation Escrow Account as a qualified settlement fund where funds will be placed in an interest-bearing account for the sole purpose of paying all Litigation Claims in accordance with the terms of a court order. We tailor the terms of the escrow agreement and the process to meet any specific plan requirements.

Real Estate

Kroll establishes an escrow account for holding funds for the purchase of real estate and ensures that funds for the property are not transferred from the buyer to the seller until all terms and conditions have been met under the purchase contract.

Cross-border Transactions

Kroll has expertise in managing transactions between parties in multiple jurisdictions, establishing the escrow on their behalf to avoid the risk of non-payment, currency fluctuations and unfamiliar legal systems in transactions that may require a transfer of title in shares, real estate, or special assets. Kroll facilitates any cross-border trade between the parties to eliminate issues resulting from meeting local requirements by authorities and until the transaction has been concluded.

5 Considerations When Choosing an Escrow Agent

5 Considerations When Choosing an Escrow Agent

Working with an escrow agent early means timely completion of KYC requirements and escrow accounts. In this article, our experts outline critical considerations when choosing an escrow agent to ensure successful and timely financing and acquisition transactions.

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