In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend that senior leaders of organizations ask themselves the following 10 questions, every single day:

  1. Has anything happened to our people in the last 24 hours that requires leadership/HR outreach?
  2. Are we doing everything to remind our people that we are thinking about them?
  3. Are we being transparent about what we know and what we don't?
  4. Are we being realistic about our operating assumptions?
  5. Is our cash flow/credit access consistent with our assumptions?
  6. Are we thinking about recovery (and have we worked with operations to speed this)?
  7. Is the structure that we are using facilitating or impairing fast and effective decision-making? What can we do to change/improve our approach and structure?
  8. Who can we empower within our organization to collectively become more effective?
  9. Is there any way to reduce the quantity, and increase the quality, of the information we are getting?
  10. What are the opportunities that have emerged in the last day?

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