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Financial institutions are encountering an uptick in operational, regulatory, and societal liabilities that warrant the risk mitigation expertise that Kroll can provide. Whether it’s an allegation of fraud or a potential M&A transaction, our work empowers clients to make informed decisions and move forward with confidence.

Business Intelligence and Investigations
Our financial services advisory teams are capable of determining where theft or fraud affects your institution, and where internal controls may be breaking down. We deliver investigations that identify wrongdoers and empower clients to curtail losses and re-establish trust with customers, shareholders and regulators. Learn more.

Due Diligence
For more than 40 years, Kroll has helped clients make informed decisions from multi-sourced business intelligence. From pre-transaction intelligence to market entry analysis, our teams unearth hidden information and identify patterns to create detailed portraits of a business’s activities and reputations. Learn more.

Compliance Risk and Diligence
Kroll offers a suite of high-volume services that inform clients on the integrity of business associates, quality of financial information, and supply chain risks. We have advised on numerous corruption investigations and can help your institution take the first step towards establishing a risk-based compliance program by determining which third parties present the greatest threat to your organization. Learn more.

Cyber Risk
We deliver customized assessments and solutions to ensure that your institution has a policy to mitigate the effects of a potential breach. When an incident occurs, Kroll’s experts guide you from crisis to continuity, providing clear insight on best practices to launch a targeted and trustworthy response. Learn more.

Security Risk Management
The threats and risks financial institutions face make security one of the most critical and sensitive issues in the planning and design of a facility. We provide physical security, system design and implementation, threat assessments and security master planning. Learn more.

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