Advanced Settlement Reporting and Transparency

Our vast experience and expansive in-house resources allow Kroll to offer flexible services for each settlement. Our team can accommodate unique functionalities that offer innovative solutions to complex problems.
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Real-time Case Statistics

As a value-added benefit to our clients, we provide web-based case dashboards for each engagement that offer real-time, secure access to key performance indicators such as the number of notices sent, claims received and much more.

Advanced Settlement Reporting and Transparency 

Dashboard features include:

  • Real-time, 24/7 access to case data via the dashboard
  • Highly secure, with granular permission levels
  • Easy access through a web browser and mobile device
  • Improved communication, transparency and efficiency
  • Customization and the ability to request visibility of specific stats based on case needs

Post-Distribution Accounting

Our team implemented the first post-distribution accounting report that integrates directly with the settlement website and complies fully with the Northern District of California’s Procedural Guidance for Class Action Settlements. This feature is available for every case we handle, including those outside the Northern District.

The data reflected in the settlement summary chart is updated in real-time as our team populates our case databases with information such as total notice mailings/emails sent and the number of claims received, as well as the number of checks issued and cashed.

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Class Action Settlement Administration

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