Mass Tort Administration

Kroll provides creative solutions to complex mass tort settlements and administrative challenges.
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Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering successful outcomes for mass tort settlement administration. We design and implement innovative plans tailored to meet the needs of any mass tort matter. Our experience includes cases involving pharmaceutical products, medical devices, environmental contamination, toxic waste, and other types of personal injuries.

Our Services

Our mass tort team offers efficient end-to-end solutions for the full settlement lifecycle. Our workflows are customizable, so you can expect a highly responsive team to execute a solution tailored to the needs of each individual matter.

  • Claimant interaction, document development, document intake and deficiency processing
  • Allocation model development
  • Quality Settlement Fund setup and management
  • Distribution of settlement funds
  • Oversight of services through our in-house team of CPAs, attorneys, and nurse reviewers

Our mass tort services are designed to assist in building and managing case inventories, communication and document prep with expert efficiency and accuracy.

  • Manage client intake with a professionally designed website and advanced call center capabilities
  • Complete claimant qualification screening performed in multiple languages
  • Initiate follow-up mailings, emails and calls to achieve maximum qualified retention rates
  • Mail retainer agreements and HIPAA forms in compliance with the law
  • Retrieve, review and validate medical records
  • Disqualify claimants who do not meet standard inclusion criteria
  • Prepare plaintiff fact sheets; and pull together and summarize relevant data points from medical records
  • Manage client communications and fielding inbound call center inquiries with speed, clarity, and efficiency

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