Complex Financial Situations and DisputesComplex Financial Situations Disputes

Complex Financial Situations and Disputes

Expertise in complex commercial disputes and international arbitrations and support across a wide range of projects in regulated markets.

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Discover how Kroll was uniquely positioned to provide data analysis, testifying expertise, valuation work and computer forensics solutions to assist in multiple lawsuits against Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities. Request our qualifications

Expertise in complex commercial disputes and international arbitrations and support across a wide range of projects in regulated markets.

Our professionals provide in-depth expert analysis and testimony in a variety of matters, including:

We have extensive testifying experience in litigation and international arbitration under various rules, including those of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), Swedish Chamber of Commerce (SCC), American Arbitration Association International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR-AAA), Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) and Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC).

Discover how Kroll was uniquely positioned to provide data analysis, testifying expertise, valuation work and computer forensics solutions to assist in multiple lawsuits against Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities. Request our qualifications


Forensic Accounting and Financial Disputes

We provide forensic accounting and expert services in relation to concerns of fraud, bribery, corruption, money laundering and other forms of financial misconduct. Our forensic evidence is regularly used to assess damages and to support both criminal and civil recovery proceedings, as well as disclosures to regulators and law enforcement agencies around the globe.

Our team of forensic accountants provides in-depth expert testimony in bankruptcy and solvency disputes, including confirmation issues, causes of actions and claims analysis. We draw on our valuation expertise, investigative skills and in-depth knowledge of a wide array of industries to present a comprehensive work product, tailored to the demands of the case.


For advisers to private funds, who are faced with growing scrutiny regarding internal allocations of fees and expenses, the Kroll team can help test, evaluate, benchmark and support fee and expense policies and procedures.

Our analysis can be applied to a range of fees, including costs of internally provided services, investment management fees, portfolio company fees, broken deal fees, monitoring fees, financing fees, fee offsets and similar arrangements.


Economic Damages Analysis

Kroll's economists help businesses through the course of disputes and investigations by providing critical damages analyses and expert testimony across a range of economic issues and disputes.

We have significant experience across sectors vulnerable to class action and mass tort claims, including the automotive, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and non-profit sectors. We also offer full-service competition and antitrust advisory.

Kroll’s experts provide robust financial, economic and valuation analyses throughout each stage of the dispute process and present our conclusions and findings in a clear, compelling and credible manner. We have provided independent expert testimony on damages in such matters in a variety of court and arbitral forums in various jurisdictions.


Our work in this area has included a wide variety of large and small public and private company contexts across a range of industries and includes cross-border disputes.

Kroll’s economists also assist clients with competition damages claims and market investigations. We help clients with core competition economics issues such as market delineation exercises, market power assessments, merger simulation modeling, and advice on anti-competitive agreements, merger clearances and state aid issues.

Our experts are also able to estimate the extent of any potential overcharge from a cartel and consider the scope of any pass-on effects.


Capital Markets, Financial Securities, Banking and Shareholder Disputes

As the largest valuation firm and a leader in valuing complex debt, equity and derivative instruments, we are uniquely qualified to analyze and quantify complex securities, derivatives, unique trading strategies and financial transactions in a dispute context. Our professionals provide consulting support across the entire lifecycle of securities investigations and litigation matters, including initial case evaluation, discovery, risk assessments, expert reports, and testimony and damages analysis.

Kroll's experts also advise on a wide range of matters arising from terminated M&A deals, post-closing disputes, hostile takeover bids, activist shareholder campaigns, public and private financing transactions and securities litigation.


In disputes involving public companies, our experts perform event studies to assist in measuring the economic effects of a triggering event or set of events on the share price of the listed firm, for example, in cases involving alleged accounting misstatements and fraud involving the company. Kroll’s economists can undertake detailed event studies, identify relevant benchmarks, recreate share prices ‘but for’ the events, and perform detailed portfolio and claimant modeling to assess the extent of losses incurred by investors during the course of the event.

For regulated firms, our Financial Services Regulation and Compliance team provides assistance to develop, implement and manage global compliance and regulatory consulting programs.


Insurance Claims and Litigation

Kroll provides analyses and/or investigative accounting for any type of litigation involving insurance claims. Our team documents and reviews throughout each stage of the dispute process and presents clear conclusions and findings. With experience in both claim preparation and review, Kroll’s team of industry professionals provide balanced quantifications based on reasonable assumptions and sound financial analysis.

Tax and Transfer Pricing Disputes

We frequently provide expert testimony and reports relating to valuation, forensic accounting and other issues in complex tax disputes. Our tax disputes professionals offer unwavering credibility to help all parties clarify facts and better inform outcomes. Kroll offers trusted opinion and technical prowess to help tax lawyers, taxpayers and tax authorities address a variety of disputes. 


Regulatory and Offshore Disputes and Advisory

Kroll’s regulatory experts have experience in regulation and incentive design in a multitude of sectors. Kroll’s experts are leaders in the field of financial services regulation, and also in behavioral economics, and are well-placed to help assess regulatory decisions made in the sector and their impact on consumers.

Among our expert service providers are former in-house broker-dealer legal and compliance professionals and enforcement and securities regulators that are attuned to the nuances of complex industry concepts.

Kroll also advises on disputes requiring offshore expertise. Whether the parties are offshore vehicles or investors in those vehicles or the issue involves offshore activities, assets or structures, we can help.

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