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Kroll offers forensic accounting, litigations consulting and expert dispute resolution from post-acquisition disputes to tax claims, ensuring clarity and precision.
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Kroll's team of highly trained Certified Public Accountants, Chartered Professions Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists provide critical insights and analyses to our clients facing challenges in the boardroom or in the courtroom. Whether you are investigating potential asset misappropriation or accounting irregularities or seeking an expert witness to provide testimony in court, Kroll’s teams of accounting professionals can assist.

Our professionals provide in-depth expert analysis and testimony in a variety of matters, including:

Kroll’s accounting experts have extensive testifying experience in litigation and international arbitration under various rules, including those of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), Swedish Chamber of Commerce (SCC), American Arbitration Association (AAA), Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) and Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), and in state and federal jurisdictions, including, for example, various U.S. District Courts and the Delaware Court of Chancery.

Forensic Accounting and Investigations

Kroll's experts establish essential facts and identify the subtle indicators of potential accounting irregularities, financial fraud and issues around financial transactions and recordkeeping. We bring expert technical skills, deep forensic experience and a comprehensive understanding of the law and rules of evidence. We provide forensic accounting and expert services related to concerns of fraud, bribery, corruption, money laundering and other forms of financial misconduct.

Our forensic evidence is regularly used to assess damages and to support both criminal and civil recovery proceedings as well as disclosures to regulators and law enforcement agencies around the globe. Our experts provide independent and defensible assessments of damages and serve as expert witnesses in court and arbitration proceedings. Our work supports clients and counsel in a range of investigations and proceedings brought by capital markets and audit regulators, including the SEC, FINRA, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) and their global counterparts.

Kroll also helps resolve issues relating to the accuracy of financial statements, adequacy of internal controls and independent audit practices. We help resolve technical accounting issues, evaluate regulatory, civil and criminal allegations and support restatement processes in high profile, complex and high-value cases worldwide. 

Post-Acquisition Disputes

Kroll’s post-acquisition disputes professionals bring together expertise in accounting, valuation, financial analyses and fact-finding. Combined with our litigation consulting, expert testimony, post-acquisition transaction experience, and our role as neutral third-party arbitrators, we are uniquely positioned to address post-acquisition challenges. We assist public and private companies, insurance carriers, venture capital firms and private equity funds. Our services range from facilitating routine negotiations of post-closing discrepancies and resolution proceedings administered by our neutral accountants to formal arbitration hearings and in-court litigation.

Our professionals provide a range of post-acquisition services, including properly evaluating transferred working capital, determining whether earnout thresholds have been achieved, reviewing claimed breaches of financial statement representations and warranties and investigating allegations of fraud as necessary. We are also able to serve as neutral accounting arbitrators for parties seeking alternative dispute resolution methods outside of litigation.

Auditor Malpractice and GAAS Application

The quality of management’s financial statements and its audit is critical to any successful business. Kroll’s team includes experts in U.S. generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS), generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), both in and out of contentious situations. Our professionals both consult and testify in a wide range of disputes arising from complex accounting and reporting issues. Our independent consultants review a company’s financial statements to ensure they are in compliance with GAAP or IFRS. We also review the auditor’s performance in accordance with GAAS. Our team has credentialed and experienced industry experts that help our clients address and resolve critical, complex accounting and auditing matters quickly and discreetly.

Tax and Transfer Pricing Disputes

Kroll provides analyses and forensic accounting for any type of litigation involving insurance claims. Our team documents and reviews each stage of the dispute process and presents clear conclusions and findings. With experience in both claim preparation and review, Kroll’s team of industry professionals provide balanced quantifications based on reasonable assumptions and sound financial analysis.

Insurance Claims and Litigation

We frequently provide expert testimony and reports relating to valuation, forensic accounting and other issues in complex tax disputes. Our tax disputes professionals offer unwavering credibility to help all parties clarify facts and better inform outcomes. Kroll offers trusted opinion and technical prowess to help tax lawyers, taxpayers and tax authorities address a variety of disputes.

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