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Social Media Influencer Risk Assessment – Protecting Your Company’s Reputation

Social Media Influencer Risk Assessment

The spread of COVID-19 and corresponding government policies, corporate protocols and social moves towards working from home, self-quarantining and reduced social interaction, have combined with an increased appetite for news. This has produced a spike in social media activity across the world. 

Predictably, some of the commentary and content posted is poorly informed, inappropriate, inflammatory, offensive and socially disruptive.

Companies employing social media influencers are confronted with heightened risks stemming from the brand and reputational damage that could be wrought by the posting of such material by individuals associated with their name and products. 

Kroll’s Social Media Influencer Risk Assessment allow clients to harness the vast trove of social media information to mitigate risk. We were an early adopter of the analytic tools needed to map the flow of information across social media networks and have invested heavily in expertise and technology to stay at the forefront of the field. 

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