Class Actions and Mass Tort Disputes

Significant experience across key sectors vulnerable to class actions and mass tort claims.

We have advised our clients on the most significant class action and mass tort cases in recent years, including those related to opioid, tobacco, asbestos, environmental and abuse claims. In the consumer context, we have also worked on diesel emission cases, while in the securities context we provide considerable advice in relation to the extent of stock drops through the use of economic event studies.

In the dispute and litigation context, we have significant experience with case analysis and expert witness testimony, large data and claims review, and other litigation management tools to streamline litigation. Our experts are also best in class at identifying and quantifying contingent liabilities and providing detailed analyses of the risks associated with them.

Finally, our Kroll Business Services team assists clients globally across the complex legal administration landscape by providing a full suite of services through all types of class action disputes.

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Kroll Business services

Kroll Business Services

The global leader in complex claims administration and legal and business solutions.

Kroll Business Services
Mass Tort Consulting

Mass Tort Liability Management

Assist with challenges from a variety of situations including asbestos and product liability claims, environmental and pharmaceutical litigation and cases arising from allegations of sexual misconduct.

Mass Tort Liability Management