Comprehensive Due Diligence Solution

Comprehensive Diligence Solution

Comprehensive Diligence Solution

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Comprehensive diligence support primarily in the areas of tax, compliance and regulatory, operations, financial and accounting, investigations and disputes and cyber/IT risk.

Kroll offers a specialized team of accounting, tax, compliance, cyber security, forensic and technology specialists who together will conduct due diligence to advise on risks in a potential transaction. Our deal teams have specific industry knowledge, years of experience, proven analytical skills and comprehensive transactional expertise to support any engagement.

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Kroll's Comprehensive Due Diligence Solution team works to address client concerns pre- and post-transaction.

Common Pre-Transaction Concerns

  • What is the business achieving in terms of normalized EBITDA?
  • Are there tax exposures and how should this transaction be structured to minimize taxes?
  • What is the true current value of the business?
  • Does this transaction meet your initial investment thesis?
  • How will value be created: acquisition vs. organic, automation vs. out-sourcing, etc.?
  • Can the operations be optimized to enhance productivity and reduce cost?
  • Are there hidden risks such as cyber security, #MeToo, background/culture and compliance issues?
Common Post-Transaction Concerns 

  • Can you help us with our net working capital adjustment, purchase price allocation, pro-formas and opening balance sheet?
  • How can you assist with our merger integration and process improvement initiatives?
  • How do we drive, capture and track results and protect created value?
  • How do we optimize value?
  • Can you implement control procedures around the cyber and compliance risks you identified?
  • Can you assist us with sell-side diligence and have your investment bankers bring us to market?
Kroll's Differentiated Comprehensive Due Diligence Approach

Expertise–Eliminate the “Noise” 

  • Our tailored approach will ensure a clear articulation of value and risk
  • We provide concrete recommendations based on facts
  • We interrogate and validate the acquisition thesis that underpins the transaction
  • Our background and experience allow us to quickly address the issues and processes, cultural nuances and data limitations, delivering incisive, lateral thinking
  • We will eradicate value leakage while challenging the robustness of the acquisition process
  • We know what can go wrong:
    • Failure to link between historical results and forecasts with sufficient granular analysis
    • Acquisition story is not clearly articulated and/or supported by robust plans and forecasts
    • Management distraction

Unique Senior Level Involvement–Working With Us Feels Different

  • Managing directors lead each engagement and take the time to fully understand and critique the investment opportunity, identify likely diligence issues and assess acquisition readiness
  • Our straightforward structure and personal investment drive the seamless, rapid deployment of our strength
  • There is no “B-team”
  • Collaborative, agile and collegiate: we will work with you as part of your team
  • Senior-led teams, not a learning ground for junior resources
  • Seamless team of functional, transactional specialists, enabling full alignment on key issues and minimizing duplication of time, cost and effort
  • Single point of contact

Driving Value–Focus on What Drives Value

  • We do not engage if we cannot deliver excellence
  • We pride ourselves on commercial transparency
  • We are not an accounting firm and bring an independent perspective without compromising quality of advice.
  • We stay in front of the transaction to get the job done, and beyond
  • We will invest time up front in understanding what “good” looks like
  • Clear and unambiguous communication of our findings and implications–not lost in a confusing minefield of “consultant speak”

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