Investigative Due Diligence

Customized investigations providing actionable intelligence to help make critical decisions.
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Investigating and Protecting against C-Suite Level Fraud
Discover how Kroll’s Forensic Investigations, Cyber Risk, and Security Risk Management teams came together to help a client identify, investigate, and protect against C-suite level fraud and credit card abuse. Request our qualifications

For more than 45 years, investors, financiers and lawyers have relied on Kroll’s investigative due diligence capabilities to answer the non-financial questions good deals are built on. 

  • What are the potential counterparties’ reputations? 
  • What is the extent and nature of their relations with government officials? 
  • Are their representations and disclosures independently verifiable? 
  • Are there any undeclared related-party interests? 
  • What has been the experience of previous business partners or investors?
  • Is the competitive landscape as they describe it?
  • How stable are the regulatory regimes in the jurisdictions in which they operate?
  • How robust is their supply chain and how secure are off-take arrangements?
  • Are there undisclosed beneficiaries?
  • What is the management style of the executive team? How do they approach business culture and governance issues?

We have evolved our methodologies and built on our rich experience to be able to see through the complexity of today’s global and hyper-connected markets and provide clear, actionable intelligence. Our clients rely on us when they need answers, rather than when they just want to tick a box.

Kroll’s global experts include former prosecutors and members of law enforcement and investigative agencies, forensic accountants, intelligence and political risk specialists, financial analysts, computer and cyber security professionals, corporate governance specialists, data analysts, former business journalists and litigation consultants. 

Kroll has access to hundreds of commercial and proprietary databases, encompassing a wide range of media and public records, and we use the latest automation tools to reduce cost. Our global network of offices is staffed with local nationals who are familiar with the business, political, social and economic landscapes. Drawing on our extensive network of human sources, we are able to provide our clients with qualitative and contextual analysis and hard-to-find intelligence that helps them make informed, confident investments and business decisions. 

Our unique blend of diverse investigative experience, advanced technology and local insight allows us to deliver bespoke solutions that enable our clients to manage and mitigate risk throughout the business cycle, secure in the knowledge that their project will be managed in the utmost confidence and according to the highest legal and ethical standards. 

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Risk Analytics Monitor

Proactively detect fraud and corruption with Kroll’s risk, investigations and data analytics experts, supported by an award-winning software.

Intelligence, Transactions and Due Diligence

When organizations worldwide need intelligence, insight and clarity to take decisive action, they rely on Kroll.

Supply Chain Investigations

Creating a detailed portrait of a supplier’s financial stability, operations, compliance and culture.

Political Risk Analysis

Helping companies analyze and mitigate political risk in the countries where they operate.

Competitor Intelligence

Providing clients with a holistic and detailed dossier on the critical issues for the matter at hand.

Learn How Clients Stay Ahead with Kroll

Learn How Clients Stay Ahead with Kroll

Kroll Helped Recover Billions for Victims of the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme

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Kroll Helped Recover Billions for Victims of the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme.
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Seamless Response to Ransomware and a Cyber Resilience Upgrade

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Seamless Response to Ransomware and a Cyber Resilience Upgrade