Tue, Mar 1, 2016

Podcast: Due Diligence in Emerging Markets

External agents, including business partners, JVs, suppliers, M&A targets and even customers, can pose huge risks to a company. AML, improper payments, and reputational damages are only a few of these risks. During a successful conference focusing on managing third party risks organised by Compliance Week in Dubai, Kevin Braine, managing director and head of Kroll’s compliance practice in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, discussed how to manage third party relationships in the Middle East, how to perform an adequate level of due diligence and how to audit and monitor and report for compliance risks and concerns.

On the back of this conference and in this latest podcast, Kevin talks about pressing compliance risks in the EMEA region, how compliance officers can push responsibilities onto business managers in emerging markets, and the practicalities of monitoring of third parties. In particular, this podcast covers:

  • The most pressing third-party risks faced by companies operating in the Middle East today
  • The buy-in compliance teams need to get from the local business units
  • The challenges to monitoring third parties’ compliance after the initial onboarding
  • Specific compliance challenges unique to the Middle East

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Based in London, Kevin is responsible for driving forward the expansion of Kroll’s compliance services throughout the EMEA region. He has extensive experience assisting clients in areas such as pre-transaction due diligence, hostile M&A support activities, third party agent screening, and market and competitor intelligence gathering.

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