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Law enforcement agencies face pressure to meet the challenges of fluctuating budgets, new laws and procedures, changing organizational needs, emerging technologies and evolving security threats. It is a balancing act. If any critical area is neglected, a crisis can emerge.

A comprehensive evaluation of your law enforcement agency’s operations and management can help identify ways to improve staff performance, effectively use technology, clarify missions and reporting structures, budget effectively, and strengthen relations with the community you serve. In the midst of a scandal or crisis, an effective review by a credible outside party can restore public confidence.

Law enforcement agencies of many sizes and in every major region of the U.S. have retained Kroll to review their operations, management, staffing structures, and policies and procedures. City managers, police chiefs and sheriffs, and leaders of university and hospital police forces rely on Kroll to measure and help improve law enforcement performance, efficiency and expertise.

Kroll can help contend with the growing influence of technology on the day-to-day operations of law enforcement agencies. The increasing use of bodycams, for example, is creating new and difficult challenges around data storage, privacy and the public’s right to information. We can also help with redeploying resources made unnecessary by technology.

Budgeting is another critical area where we can provide support. We can analyze spending on personnel, equipment and training to ensure resources are spent optimally.

Sometimes, outside reviews are necessary to address a crisis. Due to the nature of your agency’s work and the intense scrutiny under which it operates, your department must respond quickly and effectively to incidents that threaten the public’s trust in your competence and integrity. Kroll conducts thorough reviews to uncover the facts of any given incident and propose reforms as needed.

With decades of service in leadership roles at the largest state and metropolitan police departments in the country, Kroll’s practitioners have been involved in high-profile crises and understand the complexities facing law enforcement agencies today. Whether your agency is facing a crisis or seeking to ensure it is operating as efficiently as possible, Kroll’s experts can help.

Why Kroll
  • Deep bench of experienced consultants who have held leadership roles within law enforcement agencies
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with the complex and evolving relationship between law enforcement and homeland security
  • Understanding of key law enforcement performance benchmarks
  • Range of services including:
  • Efficiency studies
  • Evaluation and development of policies and procedures
  • Community policing initiatives / community engagement strategies
  • Strategic planning
  • Budget planning and staffing analysis
  • Technology consulting/analysis
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Timothy V Horner
Timothy V. Horner
Senior Managing Director
Security Risk Management
New York
Daniel Linskey
Daniel Linskey
Managing Director and Head of Boston Office
Security Risk Management

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