Liability Management Transactions

Kroll’s Issuer Services practice provides a turnkey solution for exchange offers, tender offers, and consent solicitations that fosters a seamless and successful transaction.

Pre-launch Services

  • Assisting legal counsel with drafting of the offer/consent documentation
  • Excluding unnecessary paperwork to make participation in the offer/consent as efficient as possible, including, if necessary, providing a dedicated online platform to collect instructions
  • Arranging newspaper and stock exchange publications when and where necessary

Post-launch Services

  • Online access to documentation and/or submission of instructions via a secure website
  • Informing clearing systems as early as possible to guarantee a successful and prompt launch
  • Information agent and as the central point of contact for all investors and intermediaries
  • Communicating terms of the deal to back-office personnel at all major custodians and brokers
  • Verifying investor status and eligibility before distributing the offer documentation to investors to comply with relevant offer restrictions
  • Reporting regularly on information flow and amounts instructed to the dealer manager
  • Assisting in the calculation of settlement amounts to be paid

Settlement Services

  • Overseeing and organizing settlement
  • Coordinating the delivery of new securities to investors in exchange offers
  • Providing payment details of clearing systems, cutting out intermediaries and reducing settlement risk 
  • Preparing all necessary certificates and confirmations for trustees, agents and depositaries
  • Arranging marking down/cancellation or transfer of securities accepted in the offer to offeror
  • Certain services are specific to procedures of any local clearing system or depositary

Kroll Issuer Services Limited is registered in England and Wales as private limited company with a number 05098454 and office address: The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street, London, England, SE1 9SG. Kroll Issuer Services Limited is authorized and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority with firm reference number 548041. Kroll Issuer Services Limited - Remuneration Disclosure. Kroll Issuer Services Limited - Pillar 3 Risk Disclosure

Issuer Services

Recognized market leader with unique expertise to deliver global, tech-enabled solutions for liability management transactions, restructurings, and corporate actions of any complexity.

Corporate Actions

Kroll Issuer Services has the largest and most experienced team of public securities experts providing clients with strategic, effective and well-communicated corporate actions.

Complex Debt Restructuring Services

Kroll’s Issuer Services practice provides high-quality, comprehensive debt restructuring services by proactively managing the implementation of any restructuring or refinancing initiative.