Information Management and Governance

Information Management and Governance

Kroll’s multi-disciplinary expertise, strategic technology partnerships and data innovation deliver information governance to maximize the value of information and minimize associated risks and costs

Enhancing Every Step of the Digital Transformation Journey

A deep bench of seasoned experts in legal operations, information lifecycle management, records and information management, data privacy and security and contract management help increase operational effectiveness, strengthen regulatory compliance, data security and reduce risks.

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Governance to Harmonize Multiple Information Disciplines, Merging Security and Productivity

Information governance projects are rarely linear, they typically involve several departments with a multitude of stakeholders across different systems, technologies and priorities. Often, projects move too far before security and privacy are considered, introducing not only delays but serious vulnerabilities and deficiencies. Faced with such challenges, even good project managers can fail without adequate support, sponsorship and steering.

Tackling complex projects is where our team thrives: we’ve honed our skills and acquired the experience to navigate common pitfalls and continually deliver on long-term information governance projects, often as part of larger digital transformation efforts, always keeping privacy, security and productivity hand-in-hand. We face even the largest, most complex enterprise projects head-on, meeting budgets and timelines.

Navigating Information Management and Governance

The growing rate of adoption for cloud-first environments, coupled with sometimes hasty adjustments to long-term remote working infrastructure have wreaked havoc on records and information management systems and protocol, in addition to issues brought on by a series of cyber security vulnerabilities and the rise of shadow IT structures in many home offices.

The pace of change will not decline and the demand for increased efficiency, whether in legal, procurement, finance, HR or compliance departments, will only escalate. We structured our core services with that in mind, so we’re able to augment your bandwidth, modernize operations and more efficiently comply with client and regulatory requirements. Learn more below:

Advisory and Consulting

Count on our expertise to help determine the best solution for your needs. From developing a multi-year information governance strategy to drafting requirements for a new document management system to interviewing and evaluating contract lifecycle management providers, benefit from our expertise across hundreds of implementations in dozens of industries.

Technology Implementation

When it’s time to get a new matter management system, upgrade your CPQ software, roll out an intellectual property management system or migrate existing systems to the cloud, benefit from our technical, operational and security prowess. Our experts have custom-built data migration tools that can handle terabytes of data, worked closely with dozens of different technology vendors and are recognized as leaders in cyber security.

Managed Services

There are several tasks where inhouse resources are too costly, too scarce or you simply need additional bandwidth. Our team can scale depending on your needs, and we’re ready to accommodate the toughest challenges in large acquisitions, divestitures, consolidations, rebranding projects and more. Skilled professionals can massively augment your capabilities to handle contract review, process invoices, digitalize paper documents and much more.

Legal Management Consulting

Our experts help corporate legal departments, law firms and government agencies enhance the value of their legal departments through cost containment, legal work product and vendor management. We design and deliver solutions that enhance how corporate legal departments conduct the business of practicing law through process harmonization, technology implementation and mature outside counsel management.

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Extract Greater Value from Information at Lower Risk

It can be daunting to balance productivity, compliance, privacy and costs when considering a new information governance project. Even massive enterprises lack the experience to handle it all inhouse without stumbling through delays, technical limitations and considerable frustration. Count on our team to help you navigate the entire process, from initial stakeholder interviews to continuous improvement training, more efficiently.

Our global team leverages technical and industry expertise to empower people and organizations to significantly improve operational capabilities, preserve or protect sensitive trade secrets and capture value in intellectual property and contract management. Talk to a Kroll expert today.

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Information Management and Governance Services



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