eRisk and Web-Based Reporting

Access, manage and share property insurance appraisal data - anytime and anywhere – with eRISK, our property risk management solution.
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A secure web-based reporting system, eRISK enables clients to:

  • Organize data for insurance renewal procedures
  • Share data with insurance brokers, underwriters, and others within an organization
  • Simplify management of large risk pools by allowing individual members access to their property data 
  • Facilitate risk analysis 
  • Streamline the claims process

Our system enables each client’s system administrator to determine who will have access to the account and the level of access– to all data or selected information as specified by the client. Clients may then use eRISK to:

  • View detailed inspection and appraisal reports, building photographs, and contents and land improvements reports.
  • Select and print reports with a simple click of a button.
  • View graphs and charts identifying select COPE and TIV data.
  • Filter data elements and selection criteria for specific exposure analysis
  • Access satellite or street views through Google Maps.
  • Export appraisal data to an Excel file for internal use or as a simple PDF.
  • Access quick links to interactive websites.

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Kroll has established best practices in fixed asset management that are recognized across our profession.

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