Property Insurance Valuation Platform
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Duff & Phelps acquired Kroll in 2018 and unified under the Kroll brand in 2022.

Public and private sector clients have different fixed asset inventory and reporting challenges. However, both rely on accurate information to account for, control and manage their real and personal property assets. Our specialists draw upon deep experience and leading-edge technology to help clients account for and manage their fixed assets.

Kroll routinely performs detailed diagnostic studies, a low-cost way of finding out if a client’s fixed asset accounting records are adequate. If a problem exists, we recommend the appropriate path, which can range from a limited study to confirm the continued existence of a small sample of their fixed assets to an exacting wall-to-wall physical inventory and reconciliation of the assets to their fixed asset accounting ledger.

A crucial aspect about fixed asset accounting records is that over time inaccuracies accumulate, thereby undermining the reliability of this critical management tool. Clients invest a significant amount of time, effort and money in the creation of their fixed asset accounting records, and we can help them perpetuate that investment through the provision of fixed asset outsourcing services.

We also maintain an IT consulting staff dedicated specifically to fixed asset management services, such as data and software conversions, as well as to provide clients with access to their data via the internet.

Fixed Asset Management Services for Corporate Decision-Makers

While fixed asset management services will assist corporate decision-makers in meeting external audit and regulatory standards, they can also be extremely beneficial in meeting their firm’s capital budgeting, financial and risk management reporting requirements. Additionally, the identification of unrecorded retirements ghost assets and their elimination from the books may result in a substantial reduction in their property taxes.

Our Expertise

  • Pinpointing strengths and vulnerabilities
    We perform property tax studies to ensure that assets reported for property tax purposes are accurate. By properly identifying transfers, misclassifications and ghost assets, our professionals can help lower property taxes.
  • Ensuring compliance
    We compare our client’s current fixed asset management system with both best practices and compliance with applicable standards.
  • Evaluating or managing electronic fixed asset accounting system
    We provide verification, compilation and annual updating services that are designed to help our clients maintain a complete and accurate record of their fixed assets for accounting and insurance purposes.


  • Advising on policy and focusing on employee awareness training
    Drawing on our experience from hundreds of engagements, our professionals can assist in the preparation of a policy and procedures manual, as well as provide hands-on training for all levels of personnel.
  • Identifying opportunities to claim accelerated depreciation
    We have handled cost segregation studies to assist corporations in properly segregating building/renovation costs and depreciation on a component-by-component basis. We possess the engineering, construction, valuation, and regulatory backgrounds to maximize potential benefits.
  • Establishing accurate insurable values
    We provide insurable values to help determine replacement costs and/or actual cash value coverages and post-loss services.

Kroll's Property Insurance Valuation Platform Has Been Shortlisted for The British Insurance Technology Awards 2024

Kroll's Property Insurance Valuation Platform Has Been Shortlisted for The British Insurance Technology Awards 2024

We are excited to share that our Property Insurance Valuation Platform has been shortlisted for the British Insurance Technology Awards 2024 under the "Excellence in Technology — Property" category. We are looking forward to the winners being announced on Tuesday, June 18, 2024.

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Property Insurance Valuation Platform

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