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Kroll provides commercial and personal property insurance valuation services (for fixed assets like buildings, plant and machinery) to clients worldwide.
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Property Insurance Valuation Platform
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Duff & Phelps acquired Kroll in 2018 and unified under the Kroll brand in 2022.

Insurers, brokers and underwriters rely on accurate property values for risk management. Inflated insurable property values can result in payment of inaccurate premiums, while inadequate insurance coverage can be disastrous in the event of a loss.

Our experience in providing current replacement costs across varied industries, based on our internal global database coupled with our local market knowledge, helps our clients, advisors and insurance brokers effectively estimate the optimal sum insured. Additionally, our digital portfolio analysis capabilities can analyze and profile thousands of properties at a time to identity insurable value risks across a business. It can also benchmark risk to produce an aggregated view of the replacement cost deficit or excess. Our insurance valuation solutions are customized to meet our client’s different levels of data needs and helps to determine effective replacement cost estimates which forms the basis for accurate insurance coverage.

We serve all private and public sector clients and employ one of the world's largest teams of building and equipment valuation specialists. Our professionals work closely with clients to provide structured property insurance appraisal programs that satisfy specific needs. Major insurance companies and brokers recognize our varied insurance valuation methodologies and recommend our firm as a preferred provider of property insurance valuation solutions.

With over 100 years of experience, we have expertise in all classifications of  commercial and personal property valuation. Each year, we collectively appraise buildings valued at over $500 billion.

Our property insurance services include:

Our Services

Valuation of property, plant, machinery and equipment via:

Virtual Site Inspection

We now also provide “virtual site inspection” using secure, smart and interactive devices. This modernized method of inspection is comprehensive, accurate and time-efficient.


  • Bespoke global insurance valuation programs
  • Desk-based analysis
  • Annual interim updates
  • Site inspection

Building Insurance Appraisal and Inspection

Equipment/Personal Property Insurance Appraisal and Inventory

We provide comprehensive personal property and equipment insurance valuation services to clients in virtually all private and public sectors.

Property Insurance Valuation Platform

Risk Pool Appraisals

Kroll is the industry leader in risk pool valuation services. Each year, we inspect and appraise more than 30,000 buildings.

Property Insurance Appraisal Updating Services

Kroll provides annual updating services to corporate and public sector clients around the world.

eRisk and Web-Based Reporting

Access, manage and share property insurance appraisal data - anytime and anywhere – with eRISK, our property risk management solution.

Fixed Asset Energy Practice

Kroll’s global Fixed Asset Energy Practice specializes in the valuation of oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical, power, mining, metals processing and offshore facilities.

Webinar Replay—Current Trends in Property Insurance Valuation

Webinar | Current Trends in Property Insurance Valuations

In this webinar, Kroll experts Bradley Schulz, Matthew Donahue and Rozhan Mak share insights on commercial underinsurance, inflation and other valuation trends impacting the property insurance landscape.

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Property Clarity by Kroll

We offer a proprietary technology solution, Property Clarity, that helps companies manage essential data on their properties and fixed assets. This robust online management tool provides our clients immediate and secure visibility to all their property insurance appraisal data, valuation reports and fixed assets. This allows our clients to customize their own data in a single login secure environment.